Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crazy Philadelphia

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We went to the 4th of July Celebrate America parade in downtown Philadelphia on Friday. What a crazy environment. They shut down a primary artery in downtown- Ben Franklin Parkway and setup vendors and music and activities for everyone. It was free and somewhat free of hassles. In Portland, anytime you go to a public event, you get searched and prodded and your water bottle taken. Here, while there were police everywhere, it wasn't a situation where I felt like the man was keeping me from having fun. We walked around a lot amongst probably 100,000 people. Honestly, the crowd felt a little light, but as the day went on, it grew and grew.
The parade was a typical 4th of July parade. Not a small town parade, but not a big float one either. There were a couple of marching bands and dance troupes and floats with Miss Philadelphia and the local municipal workers. One thing we were not prepared for were the insane costumes and the string bands. Yep, whole marching bands with banjos and the like. Did i mention the crazy over the top costumes? Most of the day, we were joking and commenting that we hadn't seen too many tattoos nor tall bikes or anything that would be commonplace in Portland. And then the parade came and we saw Philly's alternative scene. They love the crazy outfits.

Oh, and I didn't plan this photo. It happened that way.

Victory Brewing PA

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Yup, another microbrew under my belt. We ventured out to Downingtown, PA to visit the famed Victory Brewing. Victory knows what HOPS are and uses them well. They have a few beers that showcase that HOPS are their bitch - The Hop Wallop, HopDevil and WildDevil. Wow, all the beers were amazing.

Thank you Victory

Friday, July 04, 2008

Why not - only 30 minutes away

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Flew into Newark this morning on my way to Philadelphia. Yeah, I know, Newark isn't Philly - I was trying to save money....

Once I arrived, I realized how close I was to Yankee Stadium. Yankee Stadium is in its last year of use and will be torn down. I'm a Yankees fan, so I had to actually see the stadium before I died...I know, a little dramatic. Deal!

So I ventured north @ 6am and saw the stadium. Woo hoooo.

There you go. Now I'm in Philly and we're relaxing after hella amazing sushi.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I built this

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This is what keeps me busy on the weekends when Anna is away. The plan is to have this Pergola be the centerpiece of a revamped yard. Maybe we'll have you over for a bbq in August when we get it all cleaned up.

Ok, now off to mow down the morning glory.

and pick slivers out of my palm.

and pick raspberries.