Friday, December 22, 2006

Jazz Hands

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We have this running joke where we do the move to the right and say Jazz Hands. It usually puts Franka into a frenzy, which is kinda fun. This year when making my famous Rosemary Salted Hazelnuts, I donned these amazing gardening gloves. See, when you roast raw filberts, you then need to peal the skins off. These guys are hot, so I put the gloves on to help and Anna got the great photo.
It's been a crazy holiday this year. I think I have been to more outings than ever. Thank you all of the friends who have taken us out and spent time with us this year. We're indeed grateful and feel fully loved.
Happy Holidays to all!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sausage making

Sausage making
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You know you want some! Seriously, these are the casings! Woot!

also, check out what other's think of our little yearly adventure

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Love me the Care Bear

Love me the Care Bear
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I remember my mom making care bears for the band auction in the early 80's. Didn't realize they still had a place in the 00's.

I wuv wu care bear!


everyone knows about sausage making, now come the videos:

also, we lost a friend over thanksgiving. hopefully Cathy is in a better place now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


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Am I extreme? When I was in Phoenix last week, someone stated I was "extreme." It wierded me out a little. Then, this morning, this pen for Extream software. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Need help!

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dude, what's up? yes, that's me on the beach in Pacifica, California. in the last 6 weeks, we've done some serious driving and traveling. first off was the trip to San Francisco, then back to Portland, then to Seattle, then to Vancouver BC and Victoria BC to see the BJM. i loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. i have grown to love the BJM and the music is just getting better and better. also, they guys are fun to hang with and don't treat little old me as just another groupie. i also enjoyed meeting all the fun friends along the way.
next was our travels to Chehelis for Grandma Margaret's funeral. that was a sad weekend and week. i think i'm still thinking about it and processing the change that has taken place.
next was my recent trip to Phoenix. OH MY GOD, phoenix is boring. mind you, i was a visitor. how many visitors actually know where to go to have fun or enjoy themselves. i was in phoenix for training, but still had the evenings to get food/drink. my first night was spent with an old friend, so that was cool. the next night, on the suggestion of some, i ventured into Scottsdale for some food. where i ended up was the center of the universe for expensive, yet corporate shopping and food. ick! i ventured down towards ASU and Tempe and finally found a bar to get a beer and food. nothing special, but the beer ended up good. at the end of the night though, i was disappointed. the next night, i ventured out to find a microbrewery. that was my only success. thursday was a mess of driving around, trying to find something to do, killing time waiting for a plane. my opinion is that Phoenix is the land of strip malls. sorry.
now, i'm back home, with new skills. i'm heading back to work for the first full week in about 4 weeks. it's gonna be tough working 5 days.

so, i'm in need of some help.
I need a plumber. Anyone?
I am interested in installing a wood stove. Anyone have suggestions?
I need to install a good amount of insulation. Anyone want to get itchy?


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grandma Margaret

Grandma Margaret
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It's been a sad 24hrs. We learned last night that Grandma Margaret, Anna's Grandma passed away. I don't really know how to process this, so I'm just going to write away.
I didn't know my grandparents that well. My parents are from Minnesota, so that is where the grandparents were. We visited them regularly, usually yearly when I was a child, but my last grandfather died when I was 18. I never had a relationship with my grandparents like that of my childhood peers. Yeah, I got to go on long roadtrips to visit them, yet that wasn't the same. I came to regard Grandma Margaret as a Grandma of mine also. Margaret was a wonderful woman. I have some great memories of our visits with her and her husband Ray. One such memory was when Anna and I visited on our own without the extended family and Margaret made a point of making a vegetarian meal for Anna. It was Peas and Carrots and such. During the meal, we kept discovering little pieces of chicken. She had painstakenly pulled out all the chicken thinking it was making it vegitarian. I love that because it showed she cared enough to try. I never saw Margaret sad or angry or frustrated or challenged. Everything about her was love and hope and smiles. She was one of those grandmas who kissed you on the cheek everytime you hugged saying hi and goodbye. She was one of those grandmas who asked you the detailed questions about how you are doing. She appreciated even the strangest gifts at the holidays.
I will miss Grandma Margaret. I have the best memories one could have for eight of the past ten years. I actually have one of those pangs of regret for not taking the time to get to know her better, but know I knew her as much as we both could have hoped for.
I know she is now in a better place with her first love Gordan. I love you Grandma Margaret. I love you Mom and Dad and H and H. I love you Anna.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Franka wants some

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this is why Franka chills out in the kennel. i swear she jumped up there and had a few chips. I want to thank everyone who came to my birthday party. i have had this thing with my birthday since I was a little kid. see, when I was 4, i asked for Santa Claus to come to my 5th birthday - yes, August 3. well, he did and there is Super 8 film to prove it. since then, i have had certain expectations for each of the last 31 birthday parties. and you know what?

my friends don't disappoint!!!!!!

thankyou. thankyou thank you!

and it was good to see some friends who I haven't seen in awhile.

btw, Miami Vice RAWKED
Snakes on a Plane looks good
Jonas won the Ms. Pacman tourney
I'm still eating the birthday food
anyone up for a brat?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's my birthday damnit!

Cider house dinner
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and that's me pouring cider while standing on top of a chair.

happy birthday to me!

how old am I? if you actually know, wait till others guess.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lost sandals

Lost sandals
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Phoebe almost died last night. She decided last night was the perfect night to bark every 3 minutes. I think she was reading our REM patterns and barking just as we fell back asleep. The cats were out and running around and making just enough noise to bother the dog. So, now, with probably 4 hrs of sleep under my belt, I'm off to work.

Last week was a banner week for walking. The goal is 10,000 steps a day, which is about 4 miles. By friday, I was averaging 18,000 steps each day and then did a 4 mile brewery walk in the pearl. Yep, blew the week's average away!

Brewery crawl you ask? Yup! A group of work friends did the following: 6 people, 6 breweries, 6 hours. It wasn't meant to be a drinkfest or drunkfest, more of an exploration of what portland brew has to offer. We went to Tugboat, Rogue, Bridgeport, Lucky Lab, New Old Lompoc and Laurelwood. Some memories: Tugboat's IPA is hoppy goodness. Rogue is the bomb with the best selection and service, along with an onsight Rum distillery. Bridgeport, while the beee is still great, the locale is not- too polished and uppity. Even the famous pizza has gone upscale. Lucky Lab- warehouse with no charactee. New Old Lompoc- great beer and atmosphere in a reclaimed old bar...with a deer head on the wall. Laurelwood? Well, I didn't stay long enough to make an opinion, but first impressions were that it was cool, but the staff was not so cool.

In the end, a great time had by all. Only 1 beer spilled the entire night.

ok, I'm off to get some sleep...I mean go to work.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

house of sound

house of sound
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i think i remember when this was open, back in the day like 6 years ago. there's a small mini mart in the same building. now, when i lived over by jefferson, i never ventured to any of the stores in the hood. they were sketch in my opinion and i just didn't have the balls. now, i have no problem going where i would normally feel uncomfortable. this building, an older 2 story business/residential from back in the day seems abandoned now on n. williams (or is it vancouver, i can't get them straight.) soon it will be something, a boutique, a restaurant, something. i wish someone would have the forsight to keep the sign and name whatever they are putting in after the sign or some derevation of that. up on killingsworth, there's a place named love lee ladee. i could see that as a new style salon or something with a cool retro sign.
has anyone seen the new Floriday Room up on kilingsworth? i want to check it out.
it rained last night. yay rain. especially yay night rain. and to think - i watered yesterday too. whatever.
did you hear i'm gonna be famous? i got contacted by a newpaper reporter in DC. they are doing a story about Lollapalooza then and now. it's been 15 years since i went to the first one and she wanted my story and memories. hopefully it will be a syndicated story and the O will pick it up. YAY.
we're doing another road trip soon - in september. pdx-sfo-pdx-sea-van-pdx. approx. 2000 miles.
how does bjmroadtrip2006 sound? wait, we've done that already. hmmm. help me out with a name so I can register it and setup a blog specific to the roadtrip.
head but!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Not dead

Not dead
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Been doing some good walking lately- 20,000 steps yesterday alone. The photo is from Hood Canal up in wa. We went up there for the 4th with A's sis and friends. While i enjoyed the weekend, it was mostly about drinking beer and shooting off fireworks and eating. Well, as of late, i have been trying to eat less, eat even lesser junk food and drink less. I realize I am not 25 anymore and it takes a little longer to recover from a night of drinking. Oh well. Another thing was that i didn't have much in common with anyone there. Example- 90 minute discussion about the merits of mercury outboard motors. Someone even had the catalog in their truck. Now, i'm all about the merc, but come on, can't we discuss evenrude a little?

All in all, we saw some beautiful scenery, some amazing fireworks and got to swim in salt water. Next year? Probably not.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Frodo's package!

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yep, that's it! Frodo's little wonder. Superinkygrrl took this great photo, probably unintentionally, but still, a great photo. If you click on it, you'll be able to see it better and notice that his foot is actually moving blurry like.

Yay Frodo's cock!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

tuesday - need lunch ideas - updated

second day of operation relax and get shit done.

i have been surfing and blogging now for 90 min. a little excessive i think, but fuck it, its my day off. i should be doing something productive, but i can't get my ass out of this chair. maybe i'll get on my bike and head up to freddy's for some weed killer. yes, gotta kill some weeds.

or maybe not. maybe i should go weed the front hard.

what should i have for lunch today?

10:48am - just finished watering, doing some more weeding and mowing the back lawn (again.) now heading to the front to take care of that mess.
12:31pm - i'm in from working the front yard. did some weeding, but it mostly needed a mow. it looks good. i'm loving that everything is filling in and it creates shade. see, our house has no natural shade, so for the last 6 years, we've been fostering shade plants. i came in 30 minutes ago to get lunch and now i'm stuck back on this computer responding to blog comments, IMing and just plain surfing. this darn thing. ok, off to roast a brat.

Monday, June 19, 2006

today's schedule - UPDATED throughout the day

8:12am - coffee and surfing
9:02am - write this blog entry
9:10am - go mow the lawn - done
9:20-10:07 - weeding the mound and pruning back the potato vine
9:30am - drink more coffee, maybe watch tv
10am - think about lunch -
10:10 - lunch has been thought of - going back outside to weed.
10:43am - stop thinking about lunch - go weed the garden some
10:45am - clean kitchen do dishes
11:30 - lunch - bar-b-que a brat -
11:34 - did some serious weeding and am now hungry. Franka was out with me running around being a dog. I have the computer doing a massive playlist, although I keep hearing bob mould and blink 182. bad shuffle algorithms. ok, now a brat! -

12:30 - think about going back outside to weed
1:45 - stop surfing and watching tv and go outside
1:50 - never get outside because it's nap time
1:57pm - spent last 90min cleaning and pressure washing the back part of the driveway in order to setup a bar-b-que/eating area with the umbrella. someone will like that. i'm in cause i think i'm getting sunburned and need to get some wa wa. i think i'll wash the chairs next. oh, and i got the old keg fridge out of the mudroom and into the truck. i think i'll be doing a dump trip this week. currently listening to bob mould again. hmmmmmm shuffle algorythms.
3pm - wake up - realize i have 1 dog betwen my legs, one dog snorgled into my belly and another dog by my head. think about doing housework
3:55pm - just got back from store to get concert tickets for tomorrow night. Black Angels baby! also got red bull and miller high life - gonna make said cocktail @ 4pm..... or not.
4pm - start working on cleaning the kitchen so it looks like i was somewhat productive today.
4:10pm - make a cocktail
4:20pm - make second cocktail
4:30pm - head outside to water plants and pick some raspberries
5:09pm - opened the miller highlife - it's all downhill from here. continued work on the driveway - did some pressure washing and moved chairs around. i'll wait till my love gets home to finalize anything. the birds are going crazy outside. i think we have a nest of bluebirds and thier kids don't like us.

yes, i'm not at work today nor for the next couple days. yay me! i'll keep you posted as to if i stick to said schedule

oh and say hi to phoebe!

My first owie

My first owie
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Of the day. More to come.

eat more pie!

Monday, June 12, 2006

weekend stuff

so, last week, i did what i set out to do and walked home every day. i was able to get in upwards of 18,000 steps each day and that my friend makes me feel good. i'm still sick, but mentally, i felt recharged. i'm gonna try again this week, but my main goal this week is to get rid of this sore throat.
the weekend was good. not much to report other than we busted out the bar-b-que and did some sausages. yum. we also harvested about a quart of raspberries. oh and did a family event with relatives we haven't seen in about 6 years.
some photos:

Eagles of Death Metal @ Crystal:

brett and bar b quedon't step on grass behind barbed wiredbomb squad has a segweytransformers


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Georges corner tavern

Picture 012
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i'm back from my 2 weeks of travel. I've been kinda a mess too. The first week, I ended up working almost 70hrs in the course of 4 days, so my body took a beating. I ended up getty a chest cold that ruined my 3 day weekend home. I shouldn't say ruined, it just kept me from doing much other than watch tv and rest. Then it was off to Seatte for a week of training. Seattle traffic is crazy. Granted, they are a much larger city and the sprawl is crazy, so I just dealt with it. I'm funny...I don't drive or commute by car, so being in 30 minutes of traffic wasn't a big deal until the 4th day. Also, it was clear enough that I was able to check out all the mountains surrounding Seattle and catch up on email.
i was worried that during my travels, i wouldn't get my walking in. In Denver, I ended up only having 1 day when i didn't get my goal. The facility we were at was spread out, so it was about 1/4 mile between me and my servers and on the first day, I went down there probably 20 times. It was great to get up and walk and get some fresh air when it's 3 in the morning and you've just eaten a whole bag of m&ms.
When i returned, i vowed to clean myself up after 2 weeks of travel food. Week 1 was all about chain restaurants and delivered food. It took my body 3 days to feel whole again. Seattle was better as I made the choices about my food, but even then, it was all restaurant food and by its very nature - fatty! This week, i've eaten salad and light sandwiches and feel like my body is getting back to normal.
A. and I have been walking in the evenings a ton this week. It began with a great Sunday morning walk down on the waterfront. Earlier this week, we ventured up to New Seasons for groceries and then stopped by Interstate Bowl for a beer. Wow, that was an interesting scene. It looked like a good bowling ally and was packed, but we were interested in the bar. The bar had people in it, but absolutely no character. The dropped corporate cieling and bank flouescent lights made it more trashy than divey. 2 beers down and we were gone.
The next day, we wandered up to Georges on N. Killingsworth and Interstate. I had been there before for football, but A hadn't. It's a nice neighborhood bar, plain and simple. They had sports on the tv, the cool trivia game everyone loves. There were young people, old people and us. The prototypical neighborhood tavern. I think we'll be going back since it's a nice walk and they have good cold cheap beer.

Monday, June 05, 2006

album cover

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i have to say, i'm so fricken' cool in this shot. thank you photo shop!

so, what's the band name?

Friday, June 02, 2006

this past two weeks has allowed me to meet some bartenders..some good and some not so good. none of them were bad, some were just better than others. my favorite was a bar in seattle off 3rd - I asked the bartender if they had food and his response was- naw, all we have is crap! you don't want to eat here. it was precious. I had a beer just so I could tip the guy.
at another bar in seattle (unnamed) I had a great time with the bartenders. the crazy thing was that they were drinking along with the customers. it was like a "1 for you.....1 for me..." and they weren't attempting to hide it either. when I got my side of mezcal, they both got one too. I was loving it, but a part of me was concerned that they were a little loose with the drinks and that would harm a wonderful locale if caught. oh well...
bartenders end up being fastfriends. we usually exchange names and wish each other well. for me, that is why I may return to a place even if it has subpar food and drink.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Florida Cowboy

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yep, in a boot to boot!

in colorado, i ended up getting two boots, one for me and one for my lover! the texas roadhouse loved when i asked for said drinky and made it with aplomb.

so, i'm glad to hear Rigo is getting the south to embrace the cowboy. thanks bud.

colorado was good. put in some serious hours, but loved every minute of it. seriously, I was on a high the entire week. not because i was travelling and eating junk food, but because i was part of something and there was a defined goal and we were hitting it. i am going to pursue this further if possible.

some photos from the trip:
Sunset in the Rockies 2downtown boulderDSCN0406DSCN0408

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Carlos - "man of love"

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had to post this.

gotta love Chehelis washington!

they probably have bootie lite there.

Florida Cowboy - the trend has began

Fl cowboy
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this wasn't my bill, but the bill for me, myself and I.....

seriously, we went out with some old/new friends to the 5th Quadrant Lompoc and had some fun. when we arrived, i wanted my new fave drinky and asked for it by name:


the waiter looked quizically at me and honestly stated he didn't know the drink. before i could tell him, A. made fun of me stating i was "making up the drink..." i informed him that the drink was Orange Juice and Jim Beam - Florida Cowboy...

and look, he put it on the bill.


Bootie Light!

Bootie Light!
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So much for my old english 800 cravings, now i can get BOOTIE!

eat more pie!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

still here

well, i'm still alive and kicking. yesterday was a crazy busy day with a birthday party, a blogger meetup and an election night party. all were fun. have some reservations about ACME bar - the service sucks and the prices are way way to high. oh well, we were there for a great gal.
i walked accross the morrison bridge after work to get to the 2nd event. that is the scariest bridge i know. there is nothing between the cars and the peds and people drive crazy on that bridge. not sure what i'm suggesting, but there has to be some solution.
i walked under the morrison once i got to the east side. i love it down there. gritty and dirty and grafitti everywhere. i took some great shots i'll upload later. i wish we had other parts of town that were like that....
the garden is going crazy. gotta weed more.
ok, enough of me. how are you?

Friday, May 12, 2006

wine, tequila, vodka, cream, gin...

kids @atlantis
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i lost count. had a fun night tuesday with our neighborhood buddies. you may recognize them. thanks for coming to town Matt.
i have to say Acupulco Golds has some strong margaritas, but great food. my fish tacos were excellent.
i'm in a haze this morning, not having had my coffee just yet. don't you hate when people blog without coffee?
thank you for the advice on the the lists. i do still have the stress feeling because i'm gonna be away for 2 weeks, yet i did have another thought - i'm gonna be away FROM WORK for two weeks. eventhough i will be working, it won't be @ work, so it will be different and maybe exciting.
so, the garden is going crazy. i really need to mow. i can't distinguish the lettuce from the weeds, so will need A's assistance. some critter ate one of my flower starts, but oh well, it will survive. the eucalyptis (sp) is growing an inch a day i think. yay nature!
gonna go fishing tomorrow. i'll take some photos for all a ya. maybe even get a fishy.
rambling over.....

Monday, May 08, 2006


i have been away....and i have no excuses. then again, you could have called....

so, what's up? well, spring is here and i have been out and about working on the garden, the yard, the house. i love dry weather because i can get the little stuff done. like painting the railings on the porch. these railings went in the summer before last and are not just getting paint. that's my MO. i start stuff, but don't finish. i don't know what it is, but it isn't good. so hopefully, the rain will go away and i'll be able to get back to what i was doing.
last week was stressful. i had the realization that i was going out of town for work for a week at the end of the month. normally, this is a good thing. i love traveling and having someone else pay for it. further, i feel the project i am going to work on will be positive and uplifting. yet, i realize i will be away from home and my projects and my dogs and A. and then i have the thought of all the stuff i need to get done before that and the other activities we have planned and and and... i spin out of control.....
when in reality, there's plenty of time and i don't have stuff planned every night of the week and weekend. oh, there is still stuff to do, just not as much as i think there is.
our garden is going crazy. i gotta get out and do some weeding again. oh well, the life of a gardner. the early morning 5am thing hasn't been working, but i won't beat my self up just yet. i am getting up earlier than i use to and am using that time to do productive stuff. even last week i went to work earlier. go figure.
haven't been walking too much, but vow to walk a ton this week. we got a new camera and i want to test it out. last weekend, we did some canvassing for Cheryl for Judge. at first i was all stressed out that people would ask me questions and confront me and shit, but it worked out very well and people were generally welcoming. we did 10,000 steps in under 2 hrs and that was before lunch. that's the type of walking i love to do in the summer. woohoooo summers coming.
ok, enough rambling. have a good week all.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

cheryl for judge

cheryl for judge
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said hi to Cheryl while walking the alberta street fair - yay Cheryl!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

anyone out there?

so, yesterday, i had planned to go for a walk and then tell you all about it here. it was a beautiful day out and i wanted to enjoy downtown portland in the sun.

well, in the end, my walk didn't occur. i did however get a little sprint in. i took down a shoplifter/thief up by pioneer square. yes, that was me running after a young guy who had stolen the tip jar from a coffee shop on 5th. he tried to get away on MAX, but i grabbed his sweatshirt and began pulling him off the train. his resistance gave up his sweatshirt and his bag and hat into my hands. he paused and i think thought about getting it back, but then bolted from the train and headed off accross the square. luckily two others were persuing him. i hooked up with Tri-met security who contacted the police.

wow, exciting huh? as i said on another blog (which by the way no one commented, so i wonder if they care) - don't fuck with me in portland.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

roadtrip - a mantra!

2200 miles later, we got home. boy were the dogs happy to see us. a. did all the driving on monday - 600 miles worth from Pacifica all the way home. i slept and kept her company by interchanging cds when needed. i also took photos of everything i could see.
the trip as a whole was amazing. i know, i know, some people lament that driving the I5 corridor to LA is horror, but for me, it's new and exciting. i loved the trucks and the sights and the curves and the truckstops and the wacky restaurants.

  • a strip club off the side of the road named Club 21 in the middle of nowhere down south of roseburg in republican country.
  • Bill and Kathy's - a place to eat. food wasn't bad, but it just had this weird vibe to it.
  • Pea Soup Anderson's - a wierd dutch restaurant place in Santa Nella and again just north of LA. something about the dutch and california
  • walking hollywood blvd and being tourists
  • CHEEBO - an amazing restaurant with wondeful food on Sunset.
  • Little Radio Warehouse and the 2 shows - wow!
  • Pacifica- what can i say - beach, sunset, friends.
  • beers @ Ollie's in downtown LA- my kind of bar.
downers (but not enought to damper the trip)
  • hotel on sunset blvd - should have known it was sketch when there were decked out hookers on the corner at 4pm on a friday.
  • driving around empty skid row downtown LA on saturday evening - yes, i was scared and had my foot on the gas ready to gun it.
  • car getting keyed at said hotel.
  • hotel shower broken.
  • anna got a speeding ticket.
  • missed the "welcome to oregon" sign.
all in all, an amazing trip and i would do it again in a heartbeat. actually, anna mentioned the BJM were playing in Chicago - hmmm. it's only 2200 miles to chicago... hmmmm.

some of my favorite photos:
BJM roadtrip - in LA 4-21-2006 (58)BJM roadtrip - in LA 4-21-2006 (10)IMG_7886IMG_7841IMG_7797LA Roadtrip 4 23 2006 (49)Tige and Dutch

Monday, April 24, 2006

600 miles to go....

600 miles to go....
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a little tear just ran down my face..

Spent most of sunday driving up 101 from LA to Pacifica, just south of san fran. A beautiful drive with parts right along the coastline. We were pretty tired, so didn't do too much site seeing. The show on saturday night/sunday morning was amazing. The bjm played for about 3 and 1/2 hrs and were still making noise at 4am when we checked out. Got to bed around 5:30 and up @ 10.

We visited Ali and Tige i Pacifica where they live right on the cliffs. We ventured down and walked along the beach and took in the cool ocean breeze. Most of the evening was spent catching up and making jokes about past vacations the 4 of us have had together. Also, they have a new puppy we all got to play with.

So, we're back on I5 and truckin' along at 85. We've done about 1600 miles and have another 600 to go. Should be home in time to catch 24. What will Jack do tonight?

Oh, and yes, we're already planning our next adventure. Woo hoo....

eat more pie!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

2nd show

2nd show
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We've now been here a full 18 hrs and are at the second show. The first show was amazing, with the bjm playing a full 3 hrs. Got home and blogged for @ 3:45am. This morning, we got up, had lunch and ventured to the getty museum here in la. Wow, what an amazing space. 5 or 6 buildings with art and all surrounded by cool gardens. And all of this on a hill overlooking la and the coast. Driving hasn't been bad, la-ish. We did go through west hollywood and saw Jonathon's salon. Then through beverly hills.

Tonight we ended up in the scariest part of town trying to find a bar. I was seriously frightened for us. We got out of there fast. Downtown la is pretty sketch.

So, tomorrow we're back on the road up to sfo and Pacifica. More roadblogging to come.

eat more pie!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Final destination
we're finally at the show and we've rekindled our friendships with the band. we've also met up with 4 other huge BJM fans for drinks.

What would chuck do?

What would chuck do?
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We made it. Yay!

Now we're playing tourist on hollywood blvd.

oh, and i think there are "working girls" in our hotel. Nicccccccce!

eat more pie!

When in rome...

When in rome...
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Eat with the roman's right? Well, here in Santa Nella (yes, i figured out where we were), you must eat at Pea Soup Anserson's. If you are from portland, think Rheinlander, but make it dutch.

They even have a windmill out front.

anna now want's pea soup for breakfast.

eat more pie!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You are sooo cool!

You are sooo cool!
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And that's why i love you!

eat more pie!


i'm a bit wired, but also a bit tired from the day of driving. we're ahead of the game people. yay! we're somewhere outside of Crow's Landing south of Sacramento. it got dark, so i am kinda out of my element. we decided to drive as far as 9pm and then look for a hotel and lo and behold, there was an exit with a few options. i'm sitting here at the holiday inn stealing WIFI from some other hotel because the holiday inn connection sucked balls.
the drive was great. we only hit a few traffic snags - in oregon only - and california is a breeze. we have 680 miles under our belt and another 280 to go. we'll get some sleep tonight and tackle it in the morning.

stats (in addition to before):
680 miles
1 sit down meal at Bill and Kathy's
1 six pack of bud light (in hotel)
2 full mp3 cds listened through
3 liters of water
handful of baby carrots
92mph - highest speed so far
66 - number of photos we have taken and uploaded to FLICKR.


Gas, food, lodging...

Gas, food, lodging...
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Just south of ashland and we're 5 hrs into our adventure. So far, pretty uneventful, but the scenery is amazing. I haven't been bored. It seems most of I5 is under construction down here, so every so often, we gotta slow down.


300 miles

5 hrs drive time

2 rest stops

1 change of drivers

3 FUH2's

2 burritos

1 bottle water

1 visoda

well, on to cali!

eat more pie!

On vacation!

On vacation!
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Road food and drink.

Can't talk now. Busy packing and stressing out- trying to get out of town soon.

LA or bust!

eat more pie!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

road music

so, we did some driving this past weekend - approximately 6 hrs total. i made 3 mp3 cds and i think we went through them all with little repeats. this coming weekend, we'll be on the road for about 30 hrs total. wow! need some music to hold us over. luckily we re-upped our sattelite radio so i can listen to Ellen! at least once. here's some other stuff i hope to listen to and introduce ourselves to:

  • Pearl Jam - new release
  • Band of Horses - (listening to it now and it's nice)
  • Flaming Lips - new release
  • Radiohead - live at the Astoria in London
  • The Streets - new release
  • Russian Futurists
  • The Silver Jews
  • Matisyahu - jewish hip hop
  • Creed - definately
  • Ben Lee
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah's - new release
  • anything BJM of course
  • The Dandy Warhols of course
  • Kansas? Rush? Queensryche? Toto? Jusa Priest? - maybe
  • Cloud Cult - new
  • Beck
  • and much more
Any suggestions? Road music people. Music to drive by. not drive by music.

oh, and don't forget - today, April 18 is when two lanterns were hung from the steeple of the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott ride to warn of impending arrests of Samuel Adams and John Hancock and seizure of weapons. Only Prescott finishes the ride. yay freedom (obvious sarcasm here)

other stuff happened today too i guess.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Pigs, Goats, Horses, Beer, Easter

the country
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yep, it was an action packed weekend out in the country for us. we ventured up to Yakima for a quick trip for my brother in law's 40th birthday. they live on a ranch just outside of Yakima with their kids, horses, barn cats, dogs, pheasant (dwindling due to cats), chickens and other assorted critters. on the way, we stopped by one of our favorite wineries - Paradiso Del Sol in Zillah. There we tasted some great wine and picked up 2 cases of their $10 buck red (after discounts, it's $5.23 red.) visitors to chez brett over the next few months will get a taste - trust me.
the visit was great. my sister is an amazing host and the party was fun. i wasn't sure what to expect as far as "partying" goes, but it turned out well. the weather had been shitty through the gorge, but when we arrived, the sky was clear and the sun was out. do you remember the sun? well, with the clear skies, it got darn cold out that that evening by the fire pit. luckily, it was a significant fire to keep us out there smoking cigars and drinking Keystone ICE (or as my brother-in-law calls it - Stones.) whiskey was available and i do know some partook, but i only had a few drinks. i knew i didn't want to be wrecked on Sunday for the drive back home.
we stayed in their camper that night. our little ones have a tendency to bark at almost any sound, so we wanted to create a distance between us and our hosts to allow them to sleep. it was one of the best night's sleep we've had in awhile. i don't know if it was the bed or the cold or the comfortor or what, but it was great. i think we need to get a camper to sleep in or get a camper bed for our room or something.
easter egg hunting in the morning was great. we hid like 200 eggs or something all over the yard for the little boys and they loved it. Jack more than Hank as Hank is still a little young to understand the whole concept. Hank went with dad and fed the horses and pheasants.
drive home was nice as the photo here attests. if you haven't driven north of the Dalles towards central washington, you should. it's a beautiful area.
home now and prepping for our next road trip - this time to LA. yes, my peoples, we're driving to LA to see a band. haters step off.
photos from the weekend: