Sunday, October 01, 2006

Need help!

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dude, what's up? yes, that's me on the beach in Pacifica, California. in the last 6 weeks, we've done some serious driving and traveling. first off was the trip to San Francisco, then back to Portland, then to Seattle, then to Vancouver BC and Victoria BC to see the BJM. i loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. i have grown to love the BJM and the music is just getting better and better. also, they guys are fun to hang with and don't treat little old me as just another groupie. i also enjoyed meeting all the fun friends along the way.
next was our travels to Chehelis for Grandma Margaret's funeral. that was a sad weekend and week. i think i'm still thinking about it and processing the change that has taken place.
next was my recent trip to Phoenix. OH MY GOD, phoenix is boring. mind you, i was a visitor. how many visitors actually know where to go to have fun or enjoy themselves. i was in phoenix for training, but still had the evenings to get food/drink. my first night was spent with an old friend, so that was cool. the next night, on the suggestion of some, i ventured into Scottsdale for some food. where i ended up was the center of the universe for expensive, yet corporate shopping and food. ick! i ventured down towards ASU and Tempe and finally found a bar to get a beer and food. nothing special, but the beer ended up good. at the end of the night though, i was disappointed. the next night, i ventured out to find a microbrewery. that was my only success. thursday was a mess of driving around, trying to find something to do, killing time waiting for a plane. my opinion is that Phoenix is the land of strip malls. sorry.
now, i'm back home, with new skills. i'm heading back to work for the first full week in about 4 weeks. it's gonna be tough working 5 days.

so, i'm in need of some help.
I need a plumber. Anyone?
I am interested in installing a wood stove. Anyone have suggestions?
I need to install a good amount of insulation. Anyone want to get itchy?


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dpc said...

land of stripmalls -a very accurate desciption of phoenix. yuck!