Monday, December 08, 2008

A late evening's walk home.

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The other night, after a long evening with too many cocktails, I decided to walk home. It was about 9pm and pretty cold, but I had liquid courage to help me along the route. I also stopped in a Pearl Specialties and picked up a great Nub cigar for the trip. While I was buying it, the owner came out and gave me a signed baseball cap from Nub. How cool is that? I must have exuded the need for a new cap.

The walk was pretty uneventful, yet with the night sky and crisp air, I couldn't resist trying to take some photos. This one i tried to steady the camera to minimize bluriness. I think I was 88% successful.

I have been walking home almost every evening for the last week. Wednesday night's aren't that conducive for walking since I have Beer judging class in SE at 7pm and need to get home, change and head back out. Yes, in a perfect world, I would adjust my schedule to go to the class directly from work, but getting home from SE Powell to North at 10pm is challenging, so I drive.

What has been going on? Hmm. Well, Anna is studying in Philly, so I have been traveling out there pretty often to visit. We enjoy our time together and do some touristy things, but mostly it is us time and not much else. So excited she is coming home in a week. The holidays would be challenging apart. Oh, and Phoebe will be home too - all three dogs together again for 3+ weeks. Woo hoo!

I'm working on a new storyline for a book. Not gonna divulge it here until I get something more concrete down on paper. Well, not exactly paper, but you know what I mean. I am developing the opening and some characters - specifically the bad guy and his badness. It is pretty fun, but it shows me I have some things to learn about writing. A friend suggested taking some classes and I think I will do just that. It can only help.

The holidays are here and I find it funny that 10 years ago, all families involved would fight over who got the adult kids for Christmas eve or Christmas day - whereas now, everyone goes out of their way to schedule the family Christmas on a day other than Christmas. In the end, it works out great for us because we get Christmas to ourselves. Makes for other busy weekends, but well, that's the rub isn't it?