Wednesday, March 29, 2006

squirrel in SW

squirrel in SW
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can't resist posting this to a broader audience. he's molting i think. or has a bad case of mange. i'm saying a prayer for him to get some hair.

thanks for posing squirrel dude.

the castle

the castle
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went for a pretty good walk yesterday. you can see my route and elevation here. 3 miles baby. all in 62 minutes.

the sw hills are pretty cool. no traffic, some cool houses, even cooler winding streets and stairs - numerous stairs. i know in nw there are public stairs all over the place, but am just now discovering the cool stairways in sw. one of the sets i found yesterday was at the end of sw broadway, just before it shoots uphill into the neighborhood. the stairway was wooden and well made and long. i didn't count, but would put it at 200+ steps. i'm surprised about it being wooden. did the city build this? is it private/public? it even had a resting spot:
where you rest on stairs

the castle above is a pretty cool old house. i don't know any history, but i remember it from my childhood whenever we would go downtown. i also remember one of my first adventures into blogville going to Oh Dog's site and his quest to find the castle.

as i kept going up the hill, i began to worry if i would get back before my lunch hour was up. i didn't have any meetings, but didn't want to push it. i was surprised getting to the bottom of another set of stairs up off sw 12th and i had 12 minutes to get back and made it. woooo hoooo.

check out my other photos of the walk here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If I were a shipping container...

I would be a PacerStacktrain!

I love that name!

eat more pie!
I love spring break
I love spring break when all the teenagers are downtown and young teen couples decide to make out while waiting for the train.

god I love spring break. I am so old.

Self Portrait Tuesday

Self Portrait Tuesday
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I'll jump in. I tried to get a photo of my sleep hair, but thoght this was better.


data through the the days of our lives....

the edge of the pearl

edge of the pearl
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day 2 of waking @ 5am. boy it was hard this morning. i actually didn't get out of bed - i confess. it was the dogs who pavlovian as they are, heard the alarm clock and forced my hand. then franka decided she wanted to be a little bitch, so right now - 6:15, she's in the kennel with me whilst i write you lovely people. not sure i'll get gardening done today as i lost those 20 minutes to sleep. i did do the gardening yesterday and it felt good. the day however was long and sleepy.
so, at lunch yesterday, i wandered out to the Pearl (john hausman voice) to pick up my glasses and decided to go to the edge. how far does the pearl go.... i also wanted to check out the new Bridgeport. (i also wanted a beer and pizza, but that's another story.)
from my perspective going north on 11th, the pearl begins to get sketchy around quimby. for you portlanders, you know that's pretty far north - a, b, c, d ... q. there are piles of dirt out here waiting, pining to become a condo. there are lots with curbs, but no sidewalks, hoping one day to become a starbucks or fusion restaurant. and there are warehouses, chillin in the sun, watching their balance sheets rise daily as the mainstreem pearl encroaches. even out here, on the edge, with graffiti tags everywhere, it still felt clean and safe and expensive.
soon people, i think they will be building condos next to or under the fremont bridge.. oh, wait, they already are...

oh, and a side note- gonna toot my own horn here. walking home, i encountered a woman in a wheelchair by the hospital trying to push her way uphill with her feet. i assisted her to the hospital where she needed to go to the emergency room. she was in bad shape. i hope i helped.

some other photos from the day:
abandoned house northclosed

Monday, March 27, 2006


doggies are back in bed
kitty is nuzzling my leg
i have a cup of coffee - fresh stumptown
it's 5:33am.

i'm trying something new. i want to take back control of my activities. i feel i have become a little to relaxed and am not accomplishing the things i want to in any given day. maybe my expectations are too high, but then again, maybe i'm also a little lazy. i've decided to get up at 5am and see what happens. i figure that gives me 2 hours in the morning that i can be productive with. the challenge - don't drink coffee and surf for 90 of those minutes.

i've now spent 36 minutes on the web. hmmmm. i'm looking out the window, the first signs of light are peaking through. maybe i'll go out and do some gardening in a few minutes.

Update - day 1: i'm still awake. i've had only 2 cups of coffee and i feel good. i do wish i could go back to bed, but who doesn't in lieu of work... i did head out to the garden and cleaned up one of the planter boxes for anna's chard and greens. i began work on another box, but time went by fast. it was darn cold out there too. so many times, it was so easy to just go sit down and watch tv or surf the web. so many times, i looked around and saw stuff i could "do," but then brushed it off as...well, as i didn't want to do it. tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

it wasn't adam and eve, it was Chuck Norris and Eve!

I’ve been thinking. Yes, thinking. It’s scary, because when I think, something evil occurs in my head.

Lately, there has been a huge uproar around the world as a result of cartoons and caricatures of Muhammad. In America, the talking heads and probably some coworkers have lambasted the “fundamentalists” as crazies and evil for protesting against what occurred. So, what it comes down to is a complete disregard by the west for other’s religious beliefs and customs.

So, my question for you all and to instill some discussion is this – whether you believe in God or Allah or practice Buddhism or something else, you probably have an image of your God. Now picture that God with a dog’s face. Or maybe a monkey's. Let’s take it further, let’s have a picture of Jesus’ torso on a horse, like a centaur.

Hey, what about the Virgin Mary, but with Rosanne Barr’s face.

My point is- the west is quick to criticize and make fun of how other cultures and religions react to stuff. Would we be so remiss if we saw some of the above examples published in a major international newspaper? I bet if that occurred, mr Bush would declare all out war on the culprit. Maybe even a fatwah.

what do you think Pat Robertson thinks for THIS

talk amongst yourselves.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the moon is smiling

the moon is smiling
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been awhile. i'm sorry, i can't remember your name. i'm always bad with names... this past week went fast and i just didn't have much to write. the question i have for all of you is still germinating in my mind and will piss some of you off. oh well, i guess that's the price of freedom.
i have been walking, but not as much as i should. further, my walks are all around the same areas, so i don't have much new to report. i'll try though:
graffiti - there has been an uptick of tags (small spraypainted works) all over the city of late. most of them are chickenscratch and undiscernable to the average bear. according to police though, there is a significant increase in gang symbols showing up. we have them all over north and were in SE yesterday and saw the same crap. if you see it, please please note the address and take a photo if possible. either email it to me and i'll report it or go to the city's webpage and submit a report. it will (and i stress WILL) get cleaned up quickly either by the city or by the owner. this way, our city stay's clean.
bike paths - i'm not a bicyclist, but support bike paths. not only for bikes, but also to put a buffer between cars and the people on the sidewalk. we wandered down SE division earlier this week and i was scared to death some car would hop the curb and take me out. they were speeding by so close. need more bike lanes.
concerts: i want to go to more. we did the doug fir on thursday night and saw some good rock and then saw BRMC and Elephant last night at the Wonder. WOW, BRMC can rock the house.
garden: we planted two trees yesterday in the backyard. yet another attempt to make our back yard a place to enjoy, not just to look at. hopefully they will grow and provide plenty of shade for the future. i was going to do more work in the yard, but wow, those weeds really know how to depress me. too much to do...
wine tasting: went to a wine tasting event at Hip Chicks do Wine and had an enjoyable time. i was a little put off that everyone else got big glasses of tastings and we got little drops. oh well, i hope the fundraiser was beneficial.
st. paddy's day: no, i'm not irish, but went out anyway with a former work friend. note to pubs: if you are going to charge a cover, at least have something inside worth seeing other than long lines and families. nuff said.

and lastly before i bore you: to the barista @ the Fresh Pot, thanks for the following comment, it made my day:
"the city's in a fucked up mood today."

i just imagine a charicature of Portland with a mood ring on....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The prize

The prize
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"i had one on the line that was huge, but it got away...."

i can't believe those words came out of bretty's mouth. My 3 yr old nephew caught the big one in the photo. According to the rules, an adult can hook the fish, but the child reals it in and my nephew did just that. Way to go buddy!

data through the the days of our lives....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow? where?

i got up this morning to walk the doggies and saw it was wet, but alas no snow. then i see school closures and such. wow, what a difference.

been walking, but not as much as i should. smack me bitch! the weather has also been a factor. i gotta get back to it and start taking some more photos for my loyal readers.

more later. i have some burning questions for you all....burning....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hi....hey....hi ho

Hi....hey....hi ho
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I was waving at you, did you see me? I think i saw you waving back.

data through the the days of our lives....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

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went over to my childhood home for my dad's 70th birthday this evening. it was fun with the family and the niece and nephews and such. we had good food, good drink and some good fun. i think A really enjoyed the "salad" with ham chunks in it. my mom's version of vegitarean food.
well, i was thinking about my childhood and wondered if my parents still had all the albums from our youth. lo and behold they did. i got misty eyed checking these out.

Shaun CassidyVintage
Herb Albert Album CoverVintage

the best part was that mary poppins was on tv for the kids and i leafed through the albums and found an original mary poppins soundtrack.

happy birthday dad!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Crocus' or How I love spring

Crocus' or How I love spring
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I know it is still winter.

I know there was frost this morning.

I know rain is coming soon .... again.

But i love this time when we get to see the ground come alive with blooms. These are in our garden.

data through the the days of our lives....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gold Spike

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vegas - yeh baby. vegas. we had a ton a fun by ourselves and with mikey and bev. thanks guys for hookin us up with MAGIC. i truly enjoyed that day and got 35,000 steps. that's like 35 miles (actually 10 or so.)
we stayed at the gold spike - a truly horribly smoky den of a hotel, but fun. our room was amazingly clean and large. the casino was fine and i didn't feel out of place chain smoking cigars. yes people, i've become a cigar whore. i did what i said i would do and smoke cigars the whole weekend - at the slots, at the tables, while walking the strip - even while walking through the Bellagio. i even ventured into Casa Fuentes, a premier cigar shop where i picked up some choice items for my buddy at riches. we also enjoyed some choice Mojitos. at that mall, we saw pete rose and some guy from star wars - pretty cool. i offered to buy anna a hermes bag, but we just couldn't find the hermes shop.
food - well, not that special. we're portland food snobs and obviously vegas doesn't have laughing planet. it worked out though and we didn't get sick. i did like the $1.50 beers at the gold spike and any free drinks the casinos were willing to offer. i did learn that if you want to drink, stick with beer as mixed drinks seem to be pretty week.


got that out of my system.

what else....well, check out our FLICKR photo stream - there are some choice photos of A and I kickin' it. leave comments there and keep us amused.

one of my favorite!

Pete Rose at the Forum Shops in Vegas

gonna do some catchup - yes, this is Pete Rose and I was this close. Booya!