Sunday, March 19, 2006

the moon is smiling

the moon is smiling
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been awhile. i'm sorry, i can't remember your name. i'm always bad with names... this past week went fast and i just didn't have much to write. the question i have for all of you is still germinating in my mind and will piss some of you off. oh well, i guess that's the price of freedom.
i have been walking, but not as much as i should. further, my walks are all around the same areas, so i don't have much new to report. i'll try though:
graffiti - there has been an uptick of tags (small spraypainted works) all over the city of late. most of them are chickenscratch and undiscernable to the average bear. according to police though, there is a significant increase in gang symbols showing up. we have them all over north and were in SE yesterday and saw the same crap. if you see it, please please note the address and take a photo if possible. either email it to me and i'll report it or go to the city's webpage and submit a report. it will (and i stress WILL) get cleaned up quickly either by the city or by the owner. this way, our city stay's clean.
bike paths - i'm not a bicyclist, but support bike paths. not only for bikes, but also to put a buffer between cars and the people on the sidewalk. we wandered down SE division earlier this week and i was scared to death some car would hop the curb and take me out. they were speeding by so close. need more bike lanes.
concerts: i want to go to more. we did the doug fir on thursday night and saw some good rock and then saw BRMC and Elephant last night at the Wonder. WOW, BRMC can rock the house.
garden: we planted two trees yesterday in the backyard. yet another attempt to make our back yard a place to enjoy, not just to look at. hopefully they will grow and provide plenty of shade for the future. i was going to do more work in the yard, but wow, those weeds really know how to depress me. too much to do...
wine tasting: went to a wine tasting event at Hip Chicks do Wine and had an enjoyable time. i was a little put off that everyone else got big glasses of tastings and we got little drops. oh well, i hope the fundraiser was beneficial.
st. paddy's day: no, i'm not irish, but went out anyway with a former work friend. note to pubs: if you are going to charge a cover, at least have something inside worth seeing other than long lines and families. nuff said.

and lastly before i bore you: to the barista @ the Fresh Pot, thanks for the following comment, it made my day:
"the city's in a fucked up mood today."

i just imagine a charicature of Portland with a mood ring on....


Rigo said...

Oooohhh, now I can't wait for the question.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I think you and your lovely wife are taking a blogging haitus. And you've taken Mindless in Montpier with you.