Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gold Spike

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vegas - yeh baby. vegas. we had a ton a fun by ourselves and with mikey and bev. thanks guys for hookin us up with MAGIC. i truly enjoyed that day and got 35,000 steps. that's like 35 miles (actually 10 or so.)
we stayed at the gold spike - a truly horribly smoky den of a hotel, but fun. our room was amazingly clean and large. the casino was fine and i didn't feel out of place chain smoking cigars. yes people, i've become a cigar whore. i did what i said i would do and smoke cigars the whole weekend - at the slots, at the tables, while walking the strip - even while walking through the Bellagio. i even ventured into Casa Fuentes, a premier cigar shop where i picked up some choice items for my buddy at riches. we also enjoyed some choice Mojitos. at that mall, we saw pete rose and some guy from star wars - pretty cool. i offered to buy anna a hermes bag, but we just couldn't find the hermes shop.
food - well, not that special. we're portland food snobs and obviously vegas doesn't have laughing planet. it worked out though and we didn't get sick. i did like the $1.50 beers at the gold spike and any free drinks the casinos were willing to offer. i did learn that if you want to drink, stick with beer as mixed drinks seem to be pretty week.


got that out of my system.

what else....well, check out our FLICKR photo stream - there are some choice photos of A and I kickin' it. leave comments there and keep us amused.

one of my favorite!


Bridge City Comics said...
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Bridge City Comics said...

Dude, the pics are awesome! I'm so jealous.... And I love it that A's throwing gang signs in Vegas! Go NoPo!

Now the two big questions are:

1) Was the Ultili-kilt worn?

2) Did you save the beer-football and bring it home?


brett said...

no, the utilikilt wasn't worn - i didn't even think of bringing it.

and no, i didn't keep the football. i was a bit drink by thenn.

MerchMikey said...

Shit I almost forgot about the man-skirt. Time to bust that out agin, just in time for spring.

LeLo in NoPo said...


In pastels?

brett said...

yeh baby - the utilikilt is clean and ready for action!