Monday, March 27, 2006


doggies are back in bed
kitty is nuzzling my leg
i have a cup of coffee - fresh stumptown
it's 5:33am.

i'm trying something new. i want to take back control of my activities. i feel i have become a little to relaxed and am not accomplishing the things i want to in any given day. maybe my expectations are too high, but then again, maybe i'm also a little lazy. i've decided to get up at 5am and see what happens. i figure that gives me 2 hours in the morning that i can be productive with. the challenge - don't drink coffee and surf for 90 of those minutes.

i've now spent 36 minutes on the web. hmmmm. i'm looking out the window, the first signs of light are peaking through. maybe i'll go out and do some gardening in a few minutes.

Update - day 1: i'm still awake. i've had only 2 cups of coffee and i feel good. i do wish i could go back to bed, but who doesn't in lieu of work... i did head out to the garden and cleaned up one of the planter boxes for anna's chard and greens. i began work on another box, but time went by fast. it was darn cold out there too. so many times, it was so easy to just go sit down and watch tv or surf the web. so many times, i looked around and saw stuff i could "do," but then brushed it off as...well, as i didn't want to do it. tomorrow is another day.

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MerchMikey said...

if you stick with it it should quite easily become routine. I have been hittin the hay at 10 and gettin' up at 5:45. It seems to matter less what time you go to bed as much as a consistent waking time. Of course this is MT routine and your results may vary.
Now where's my frickin' cup of coffee?