Wednesday, March 22, 2006

it wasn't adam and eve, it was Chuck Norris and Eve!

I’ve been thinking. Yes, thinking. It’s scary, because when I think, something evil occurs in my head.

Lately, there has been a huge uproar around the world as a result of cartoons and caricatures of Muhammad. In America, the talking heads and probably some coworkers have lambasted the “fundamentalists” as crazies and evil for protesting against what occurred. So, what it comes down to is a complete disregard by the west for other’s religious beliefs and customs.

So, my question for you all and to instill some discussion is this – whether you believe in God or Allah or practice Buddhism or something else, you probably have an image of your God. Now picture that God with a dog’s face. Or maybe a monkey's. Let’s take it further, let’s have a picture of Jesus’ torso on a horse, like a centaur.

Hey, what about the Virgin Mary, but with Rosanne Barr’s face.

My point is- the west is quick to criticize and make fun of how other cultures and religions react to stuff. Would we be so remiss if we saw some of the above examples published in a major international newspaper? I bet if that occurred, mr Bush would declare all out war on the culprit. Maybe even a fatwah.

what do you think Pat Robertson thinks for THIS

talk amongst yourselves.


MerchMikey said...

Thats Hot. Wasn't that shit like sooooo 15 minutes ago?
MMM Fatwah. Makes me think about hot dogs

hater of haters said...

Wasn't making fun of people's thoughts so 15 minutes ago? LAME

MerchMikey said...

wasn't bein' a "hater of hater's"?