Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the edge of the pearl

edge of the pearl
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day 2 of waking @ 5am. boy it was hard this morning. i actually didn't get out of bed - i confess. it was the dogs who pavlovian as they are, heard the alarm clock and forced my hand. then franka decided she wanted to be a little bitch, so right now - 6:15, she's in the kennel with me whilst i write you lovely people. not sure i'll get gardening done today as i lost those 20 minutes to sleep. i did do the gardening yesterday and it felt good. the day however was long and sleepy.
so, at lunch yesterday, i wandered out to the Pearl (john hausman voice) to pick up my glasses and decided to go to the edge. how far does the pearl go.... i also wanted to check out the new Bridgeport. (i also wanted a beer and pizza, but that's another story.)
from my perspective going north on 11th, the pearl begins to get sketchy around quimby. for you portlanders, you know that's pretty far north - a, b, c, d ... q. there are piles of dirt out here waiting, pining to become a condo. there are lots with curbs, but no sidewalks, hoping one day to become a starbucks or fusion restaurant. and there are warehouses, chillin in the sun, watching their balance sheets rise daily as the mainstreem pearl encroaches. even out here, on the edge, with graffiti tags everywhere, it still felt clean and safe and expensive.
soon people, i think they will be building condos next to or under the fremont bridge.. oh, wait, they already are...

oh, and a side note- gonna toot my own horn here. walking home, i encountered a woman in a wheelchair by the hospital trying to push her way uphill with her feet. i assisted her to the hospital where she needed to go to the emergency room. she was in bad shape. i hope i helped.

some other photos from the day:
abandoned house northclosed


Anonymous said...

Great photos Brett. You're gay though and you know how I know? You get up at 5am to garden. And you have a Vic Mackey poster in your bedroom next to David Hasselhoff.

brett said...

actually, Vic holds his spot next to Jack Bauer and Mr. T. i retired david hasselhof last month.

Sassy Gardener said...

I'd take that as a compliment, Brett. Gay gardening is all the rage.

I remember when the edge of the Pearl was the one brewpub in the area. So I haven't been in the swanky new Bridgport. Good? Bad? Overly swankified?

Anonymous said...

Gay Gardening is the new country line dancing.