Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Tires for sale" "Tires for sale"

I am not going to talk about the rain. I'm not.

I've been walking a lot lately trying to accomplish my task of walking every street downtown. I think i am past halfway after 1 month. I have been doing about 2-2 1/2 miles every lunch. Even today when it was raining. The map i am using is just a standard map of downtown and i mark off where i have been. According to trainster, i have done about 900,000+ steps in the past 3 months. Wow! My shoes are wearing and the soles are showing the wear.

Ok, the picture. Every so often, you go by a gas station or tire mart and see the tires out on display. I wonder if there are people out there who drive by and see something about a specific tire that peaks their interest and they stop and buy some. Kinda impulse like.

Just a wonder.

data through the air......like the days of our lives....

Monday, January 30, 2006


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Have you seen these manequins? They are down off 3rd and washington and they freak me out?

data through the air......like the days of our lives....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

blogger photoging bloggers

bloggers photoging bloggers
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yup, we got together - 5 of us on the top of a building downtown. lelo, merchmikey, mistress tinymeat, superinkygrrl and mwah. obviously i'm taking this photo. we had a good weekend with mikey and bevs in town. good fun and i got to show off my favorite city - Portland. we ate, we drank, we did some shopping. you know, the same old stuff. we ventured out to multnomah falls in the rain and then up to the rose gardens at twilight saturday. great fun. come back soon.

Friday, January 27, 2006

tinymeat and mistress tinymeat are in the hizzle y'all. arrived yesterday and last night we ripped it up portland style. we first met up with motokitty and doughnut at club21 where then geekgirl showed to also have a drinky. then it was off to the montage- a place portlanders always need to take their guests. I had mac and cheeze-yum! desert you ask? yup, got some apperifs at Pix pattiserrie in north and also enjoyed the royale with cheeze- an amazing chocolate dish paired with french brie. we weren't done yet. tinymeat was sleepy, so we ditched him and met cari and bill at the spare room for a nightcap. wrow cari, you go girl!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tuesday - or as I call it -- "Warm Day"

so, did the walk home on Tuesday evening. i had done some walking during lunch and boy was it a wonderful day. the sun was shining and it was warm and even the planters out front of our building began to sprout. it reminded me of last year when we had 4-5 weeks of dry weather in feb. i decided to walk down and accross the hawthorne bridge to the esplanade. i didn't get out as early as i wanted, so by the time i was on the esplanade, it was getting dark. i did get some good photos though and will post at the end. the esplanade was crowded, but as i walked and it got darker, the crowds thinned. at the point where you walk on the water (floating part) it was empty. spooky with the twilight.
now on the east side, i ventured up williams instead of vancouver. this led me past some wonderful buildings that i just want to covet. i think the house of sound building and market at vancouver and shaver (or there abouts) would be the shit for a market and venture. i walked by the new lompoc and it was crowded - almost overly crowded. way to go peeps. then i came upon an industrial building that had more wrought iron around it's window than a bronx house - then i saw the company name - Scientific Research Inc.. what the hell? what are they doing in there behind all that security steel? in north portland no less.
good walk - i was schweaty and felt good. btw - i've lost about 7lbs since jan 2.

oh and here's a nugget for thursday - instead of asking what jesus would do - ask yourself this?

Monday, January 23, 2006

82 steps---BOOYA!

82 steps---BOOYA!
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Been walking a little lately, but not the amount of past weeks. Been laying low trying to get healthier. Also, the A as been sick and i have wanted to be there for her.

Today's walk took me up to 14th and then over to lovejoy and accross the broadway bridge. Enroute, i did stop by Riches for a wonderful cigar- Joya De Nicaragua-Antano. WOW! It was just the right size and flavor. It was actually very large and thick. Go with it.

Well, as i approached the broadway bridge, i realized i had been wanting to check out a new development down on front ave, north of Albers Mill. I decided to venture noth to intersect with front and the swing back around to catch the bridge. There are actually two significant condos going in down there. One by the train station and the other on the water. I ended up at the bridge- and THE STAIRS. 82 steps up to the bridge from front ave. I know that isn't much, but it kicked my ass. Seriously, the stairs dislodged themselves and swung around to put a piller into my soft buttocks. I am bruised and am having trouble relaxing while watching tv.

I need to do more steps.

I need to eat more chocolate.

I need to wash my walking clothes- they got some funk...


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

For Sale

Jan 17
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the original Outside In house. if you don't know, Outside In is a non-profit that helps street kids. well, i walked by today and saw the old house is for sale for moving. so, if you have a vacant lot, here's a house for you.
my lunch walk took me further into SW up west of PSU and I405. i love it up there and the houses are amazing. i'm not in the mansion area, still level with downtown if not a little higher, but definately not the "west hills."
i did venture down 13th to burnside and back on 12th. that was good as there are some new developments to eye. especially the lot next to the presbyterian church that used to be the danforth hotel and will now become a cool park.
next time you wander about, look around you and see how many businesses have ground floor offices. many of these offices have people working in the windows. i would love to have a window seat. oh how awesome it would be. yet, there are risks. do you realize how much information is available by just walking by an office window? not just what's on the computer screen facing you, but the papers left on one's desk is also revealing. i wonder how many identity thefts have taken place as a result of someone looking through a businesses window.
businesses - think about your public view and evaluate what is being presented. this goes for the Portland Water Bureau on N. Interstate as well.

Monday, January 16, 2006

america's noodle

america's noodle
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i love walking - but these past couple weeks with the rain has been challenging. today's lunch walk took me up by pge park and lincoln high and back into downtown. i did see some cool stuff along the way, including the police property warehouse behind the bleachers @ lincoln. interesting....
i then was over on the east side and eyed this building off 7th ave. i love it.

not much in my world other than some people on craigslist suck balls. that's it.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

at best buy

at best buy
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today, at best buy (and no, there weren't any h2s in the lot) we eyed this 9yr old (or 10 or 12) playing this ultra violent shooting game on the xbox 360. that wasn't the scary part- it was that she was doing very well with her machine gun while seemingly not paying too much attention.

The Steelers won! The Steelers won! The Steelers won!

The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!The Steelers won!

never would have thought it would ya?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i punched an SUV!

hey drivers, even though you are so busy on your cell phone, you still have a responsibility to NOT run over pedestrians. in my walking over the past few days the following has happened:

  • at 10th/Morrison - waiting for the walk sign, when the light turned green and i got my walk sign, a Tahoe decided it was ok to turn into me. he was on the phone and i even hit his bumper with my umbrella - he was so busy he didn't even flinch
  • later that walk, i was walking through an intersection with a walk sign when someone ran a red light in the far lane. i was so shocked, i couldn't react.
  • evening on n. skidmore/maryland - a shitty intersection - i had my LED flashing light in hand and yet the old man in the shitty car still almost ran me over. and to match that, as i was in the middle of the crosswalk, an SUV decided to cross the intersection, coming right at me. i shone my light at him and he paused enough for me to cross.
  • today, while walking to coffee, we were almost run over by a cop turning down a street - no lights, no siren. i didn't slap his trunk. need to get paid today
  • finally - i love it when i'm walking against traffic on a 1 way street - the people who want to turn onto that street are always looking at the cars, not at the possible pedestrians. yes, i'm talking to you jackass. look both ways! wasn't that what we learned in driver's school?
enough ranting. the last couple of days it has been raining non stop. it has also been windy. one of our trees in the back is tilting to one side. we have water seeping through the basement wall. i've melted a few times just going outside to get the dogs back in. oh and they love it out there - NOT.

lastly - no takers on the pool table? what about some furniture? we have a cool 50's dresser and an older enamled hutch. email if interested.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

nothing worse than the corporate logo H2

Jan 3 2006
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FU Kufo and your logo H2. you're part of the problem, not the solution.

Monday, January 09, 2006

what should have been in the trunk in two shoulder bags...

we walked to new seasons last night to get lunch fixin's. since we were walking, we only brought the crumpler bags - big for me and little for the cutie. i didn't think we would need both, but it's good to be prepared. i love walking to the store and having the ability to do so. we got some good stuff, packed the bags full and walked back. i had to carry the loaf of bread in my hand cause there wasn't room.
today's downtown streetquest took me on the following route:
sw morrison to sw 17th then n. to alder then east to 12th, then over to washington and down to 9th then back to alder and down to 1st avenue over to yamhill and then back to work. not the longest walk. it was darn windy and the umbrella was going all which way. due to the weather, i decided to bitch out and not walk home this evening. i still have managed to get around 10,000 steps today.

oh and my homemade sandwich was excellent.

btw - is anyone out there interested in a pool table. we have one. it needs some tlc, but all the parts are there. email or comment.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

i need a nap

are you a napper? do you indulge in the afternoon nap on the weekends? i do and right now - it's 4:43pm on a rainy rany saturday and i'm gonna go take a nap. more than likely, the dogs will nap with me. it's so cute.


well, got caught up with hometime on TV, so lost 5 minutes of naptime. its' now 4:48. off to bed.

damn kids

i am beginning to understand why single and childfree adults end up in dive bars for meals. we ventured out today to get some lunchy and ended up at a favorite restaurant of ours over off NE Broadway in Irvington. we were enjoying our meal, a meatball sandwich and a salad medley when two couples and a screaming kid were seated just behind me. this was one of those situation where a parent was either clueless about what the kid was doing, or didn't care. i am opting for the "didn't care" angle because they didn't do anything to keep the kid from screaming in my ear for 5 minutes. seriously - SCREAMING! and children have a scream power that rivals any horror movie.

my plea - just like you woudn't take your small child to a movie, if your kid is screaming at the back of other patron's heads, please take them outside or ask them to be quiet. we're paying just as much as you and have a right to enjoy our meal without the screaming kid as a side dish.

oh and to add to this, we hurried back home in order to make a sale off craigslist and then the buyer emailed at the proposed time and told me something about having to reschedule due to a birthday party for a KID or something shity. why is this happening to me today?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

wednesday - ever talk that out? wed...nes....day?

early morning due to ...... won't go into that here. good day for walking though. as you know, i want to walk all the streets downtown. today, i ventured out for lunch with the initial purpose of walking in the area i was yesterday and going down the "missed" streets. well, that didn't pan out as i walked with a coworker down for some lunch. he wanted bento, but that didn't appeal to me, so i ventured over to great harvest bakery for a 1/2 sandwich. for $4.25, the 1/2 sandwich could probably feed a family of 3. wow was it a great sandwich. i didn't hang around and eat there, no i did not, i needed to walk. and walk i did. oh, how i did. (am i making sense here?)

stats: sw taylor to 2nd, 2nd n. to nw glisan, glisan to 3rd. 3rd south to sw market, market to 5th, 5th north to clay, clay west to park, park north to salmon, salmon down to 5th - approx 2.7 miles - 4884 aerobic steps - 1hr.

yes, 2.7 miles in 1hr. isn't that grand? and along the way, i was only accosted once by someone wanting money. the even called me by name - "listener.... hey listener." i couldn't believe it, he knew my alter ego as a "listener."

i know you're bored now, but bear with me. the walk home was excellent. since i was awakened early, i decided to leave a during daylight hours and was able to walk most of downtown and the pearl in the daylight/twilight. i was able to take some amazing photos too. along the way, i smoked a La Gloria Cubana Series R. i was attempting to light it on the bus mall outside of meier and frank when a young guy offered me "flame." he actually had a butane lighter, perfect for cigars. we chatted briefly, me telling him what cigar i had and where i got it. what a nice guy! then it was up stark to 10th and 10th north to lovejoy. lovejoy takes me east accross the broadway bridge and then up to n. vancouver and n. portland.
what a great walking day.
and we had sauteed chard with garlic and red onions for dinner - beat that!

They're everywhere

They're everywhere
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In just 2 blocks, we eyed 3 fucking H2's. It's crazy we have so many in puddletown. I forgot to tell you, Rigo was in town for the weekend and we ventured off to Powell's on Sunday to show him the craziness that is Powell's. On our way back to the car, we eyed an H2 eagerly awaiting our birds. I told A and Rigo to go pose and the looked behind me (not sure why) and realized the owners may be in the middle aged couple walking up. I began to stress "walk away, walk on" all the while laughing at the situation. IT WAS THIER H2!

We all had a good laugh.

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Usa today too early

Usa today too early
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USA today went to press without the facts. Sad story. Prayers to the families.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan 3 lunch walk - cool architecture

Jan 3 2006
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over the weekend, i picked up a downtown walking map at powells and decided that i was going to walk every street on that map and document it. well, today i began. i know i have said this before, but didn't really have a good starting point and now i do.
today's walk took me down to the waterfront, south on Naito parkway past the mercedes dealership and the KUFO fuck you hummer and then i passed through a parking lot to get me up to 1st ave. once there, i went up Lincoln to 4th ave and then back to work. the trip was about 1.62 miles which i figured out to be about 4000 steps. i forgot my pedometer today. so, a few blocks down, many more to go.
along the way, i almost got run over once and almost hit the jackass' car with my umbrella. good walk.
once home, we wandered down to the comic book store for some chit chat with michael.
so, keep on the lookout for updates on the city street walk 2006.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hummer H2 driver kills couple in gresham

people have asked - why do i flip off h2's? my answers revolve around them being gas guzzlers, having no purpose other than status and just plain ugly. well, they also have another horrific purpose - to kill. lelo emailed me the following story about an H2 running over a sentra out in gresham. a sentra and a hummer is like a pedestrian and a car. to add to the story, the H2 had an added front steel grill and was damaged very little.

so, tonight i'll go to bed and say a prayer for the H2 victims.