Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan 3 lunch walk - cool architecture

Jan 3 2006
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over the weekend, i picked up a downtown walking map at powells and decided that i was going to walk every street on that map and document it. well, today i began. i know i have said this before, but didn't really have a good starting point and now i do.
today's walk took me down to the waterfront, south on Naito parkway past the mercedes dealership and the KUFO fuck you hummer and then i passed through a parking lot to get me up to 1st ave. once there, i went up Lincoln to 4th ave and then back to work. the trip was about 1.62 miles which i figured out to be about 4000 steps. i forgot my pedometer today. so, a few blocks down, many more to go.
along the way, i almost got run over once and almost hit the jackass' car with my umbrella. good walk.
once home, we wandered down to the comic book store for some chit chat with michael.
so, keep on the lookout for updates on the city street walk 2006.

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Jonathan Maus said...

Hey Brett, your quest to walk all the streets reminds me of the retired guy I blogged about that is riding each and every street in the city. He has now ridden everything from i-205 to the Willamette!