Wednesday, January 04, 2006

wednesday - ever talk that out?

early morning due to ...... won't go into that here. good day for walking though. as you know, i want to walk all the streets downtown. today, i ventured out for lunch with the initial purpose of walking in the area i was yesterday and going down the "missed" streets. well, that didn't pan out as i walked with a coworker down for some lunch. he wanted bento, but that didn't appeal to me, so i ventured over to great harvest bakery for a 1/2 sandwich. for $4.25, the 1/2 sandwich could probably feed a family of 3. wow was it a great sandwich. i didn't hang around and eat there, no i did not, i needed to walk. and walk i did. oh, how i did. (am i making sense here?)

stats: sw taylor to 2nd, 2nd n. to nw glisan, glisan to 3rd. 3rd south to sw market, market to 5th, 5th north to clay, clay west to park, park north to salmon, salmon down to 5th - approx 2.7 miles - 4884 aerobic steps - 1hr.

yes, 2.7 miles in 1hr. isn't that grand? and along the way, i was only accosted once by someone wanting money. the even called me by name - "listener.... hey listener." i couldn't believe it, he knew my alter ego as a "listener."

i know you're bored now, but bear with me. the walk home was excellent. since i was awakened early, i decided to leave a during daylight hours and was able to walk most of downtown and the pearl in the daylight/twilight. i was able to take some amazing photos too. along the way, i smoked a La Gloria Cubana Series R. i was attempting to light it on the bus mall outside of meier and frank when a young guy offered me "flame." he actually had a butane lighter, perfect for cigars. we chatted briefly, me telling him what cigar i had and where i got it. what a nice guy! then it was up stark to 10th and 10th north to lovejoy. lovejoy takes me east accross the broadway bridge and then up to n. vancouver and n. portland.
what a great walking day.
and we had sauteed chard with garlic and red onions for dinner - beat that!


superinkygirl said...

I had no idea your alter-ego is "Listener". Interesting. Ironic. Chard. yummy.

mindlessgirl said...

bretty, i have to talk it out in order to spell it correctly...
ooo, chard...yummo...hey, we did a little(well more than a little, but, anyway...) variation on that risotto and it rocked!!!!

LeLo in NoPo said...

Inquiring minds want to know how you cook that chard.