Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tuesday - or as I call it -- "Warm Day"

so, did the walk home on Tuesday evening. i had done some walking during lunch and boy was it a wonderful day. the sun was shining and it was warm and even the planters out front of our building began to sprout. it reminded me of last year when we had 4-5 weeks of dry weather in feb. i decided to walk down and accross the hawthorne bridge to the esplanade. i didn't get out as early as i wanted, so by the time i was on the esplanade, it was getting dark. i did get some good photos though and will post at the end. the esplanade was crowded, but as i walked and it got darker, the crowds thinned. at the point where you walk on the water (floating part) it was empty. spooky with the twilight.
now on the east side, i ventured up williams instead of vancouver. this led me past some wonderful buildings that i just want to covet. i think the house of sound building and market at vancouver and shaver (or there abouts) would be the shit for a market and venture. i walked by the new lompoc and it was crowded - almost overly crowded. way to go peeps. then i came upon an industrial building that had more wrought iron around it's window than a bronx house - then i saw the company name - Scientific Research Inc.. what the hell? what are they doing in there behind all that security steel? in north portland no less.
good walk - i was schweaty and felt good. btw - i've lost about 7lbs since jan 2.

oh and here's a nugget for thursday - instead of asking what jesus would do - ask yourself this?


m said...

In answer to the shirt question, torture someone probably.

Hehe, I so guessed that it was talking about Jack in 24...

jonashpdx said...

very nice. glad to see you went with the good font.

Anonymous said...


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