Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i punched an SUV!

hey drivers, even though you are so busy on your cell phone, you still have a responsibility to NOT run over pedestrians. in my walking over the past few days the following has happened:

  • at 10th/Morrison - waiting for the walk sign, when the light turned green and i got my walk sign, a Tahoe decided it was ok to turn into me. he was on the phone and i even hit his bumper with my umbrella - he was so busy he didn't even flinch
  • later that walk, i was walking through an intersection with a walk sign when someone ran a red light in the far lane. i was so shocked, i couldn't react.
  • evening on n. skidmore/maryland - a shitty intersection - i had my LED flashing light in hand and yet the old man in the shitty car still almost ran me over. and to match that, as i was in the middle of the crosswalk, an SUV decided to cross the intersection, coming right at me. i shone my light at him and he paused enough for me to cross.
  • today, while walking to coffee, we were almost run over by a cop turning down a street - no lights, no siren. i didn't slap his trunk. need to get paid today
  • finally - i love it when i'm walking against traffic on a 1 way street - the people who want to turn onto that street are always looking at the cars, not at the possible pedestrians. yes, i'm talking to you jackass. look both ways! wasn't that what we learned in driver's school?
enough ranting. the last couple of days it has been raining non stop. it has also been windy. one of our trees in the back is tilting to one side. we have water seeping through the basement wall. i've melted a few times just going outside to get the dogs back in. oh and they love it out there - NOT.

lastly - no takers on the pool table? what about some furniture? we have a cool 50's dresser and an older enamled hutch. email if interested.


mindlessgirl said...

holy moly...i almost punched a driver...last sunday a jackass in a big mf truck almost hit me in the HD parking lot(and get this, he had oregon plates, no shit)...anyway, it was so close that the employees at the depot came over to see if i was ok...and then went to the store manager...that was sweet and all, but what were they going to do...make him buy his drill bits elsewhere...anyway, something about trucks and short men=trouble

pero said...

Last week, I was driving downtown and I saw a guy walking towards the Ped Crosswalk. He only about 10 steps away from it and I stopped (without being IN the crosswalk).

As he crossed he put his palms together and brought them up to his chin, bowed his head, and then flashed me a peace sign.