Saturday, January 07, 2006

damn kids

i am beginning to understand why single and childfree adults end up in dive bars for meals. we ventured out today to get some lunchy and ended up at a favorite restaurant of ours over off NE Broadway in Irvington. we were enjoying our meal, a meatball sandwich and a salad medley when two couples and a screaming kid were seated just behind me. this was one of those situation where a parent was either clueless about what the kid was doing, or didn't care. i am opting for the "didn't care" angle because they didn't do anything to keep the kid from screaming in my ear for 5 minutes. seriously - SCREAMING! and children have a scream power that rivals any horror movie.

my plea - just like you woudn't take your small child to a movie, if your kid is screaming at the back of other patron's heads, please take them outside or ask them to be quiet. we're paying just as much as you and have a right to enjoy our meal without the screaming kid as a side dish.

oh and to add to this, we hurried back home in order to make a sale off craigslist and then the buyer emailed at the proposed time and told me something about having to reschedule due to a birthday party for a KID or something shity. why is this happening to me today?


LeLo in NoPo said...

that's just frickin' rude. rude. rude. rude. rude.

I can understand kids and their outbursts, but going on like that, and with no interruption by the parental unit, damn. That sucks.

Almost as much as having your shins rammed by the huge mongo baby strollers in stores. Damn, I hate those things.

mindlessgirl said...

we as part-time parents to miss lu, completely understand where you are coming from and of course...we would NEVER ALLOW her to pull that in a public place...that's the key all these pc parenters...get some damn balls and take control!

Ming said...

Oh boy, I completely empathize. My parents had a wonderful solution for those times when they wanted to eat out and we kids couldn't be trusted to control ourselves. It's called a babysitter, people, so go find one. Or stay home with your ill-behaved offspring. Your choice.