Tuesday, January 17, 2006

For Sale

Jan 17
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the original Outside In house. if you don't know, Outside In is a non-profit that helps street kids. well, i walked by today and saw the old house is for sale for moving. so, if you have a vacant lot, here's a house for you.
my lunch walk took me further into SW up west of PSU and I405. i love it up there and the houses are amazing. i'm not in the mansion area, still level with downtown if not a little higher, but definately not the "west hills."
i did venture down 13th to burnside and back on 12th. that was good as there are some new developments to eye. especially the lot next to the presbyterian church that used to be the danforth hotel and will now become a cool park.
next time you wander about, look around you and see how many businesses have ground floor offices. many of these offices have people working in the windows. i would love to have a window seat. oh how awesome it would be. yet, there are risks. do you realize how much information is available by just walking by an office window? not just what's on the computer screen facing you, but the papers left on one's desk is also revealing. i wonder how many identity thefts have taken place as a result of someone looking through a businesses window.
businesses - think about your public view and evaluate what is being presented. this goes for the Portland Water Bureau on N. Interstate as well.

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Anonymous said...

somehow i got to this site when i searched joel gion.

anyway, how about instead of flipping h2's off... which does jackshit... you actually do something about it. i, of course, hate h2's as much as the next guy (i live in a severely infested region) but do you think their rich asses give a shit? obviously not... they knew what image they were giving off when they bought it... and you knew what image you were giving off when you bought those dark rimmed glasses! HIEEEEE