Monday, January 09, 2006

what should have been in the trunk in two shoulder bags...

we walked to new seasons last night to get lunch fixin's. since we were walking, we only brought the crumpler bags - big for me and little for the cutie. i didn't think we would need both, but it's good to be prepared. i love walking to the store and having the ability to do so. we got some good stuff, packed the bags full and walked back. i had to carry the loaf of bread in my hand cause there wasn't room.
today's downtown streetquest took me on the following route:
sw morrison to sw 17th then n. to alder then east to 12th, then over to washington and down to 9th then back to alder and down to 1st avenue over to yamhill and then back to work. not the longest walk. it was darn windy and the umbrella was going all which way. due to the weather, i decided to bitch out and not walk home this evening. i still have managed to get around 10,000 steps today.

oh and my homemade sandwich was excellent.

btw - is anyone out there interested in a pool table. we have one. it needs some tlc, but all the parts are there. email or comment.

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mindlessgirl said...

am so envious that you can actually are within walking distance of so many worthwhile things...we cannot wait to get out there in a few weeks!