Monday, January 23, 2006

82 steps---BOOYA!

82 steps---BOOYA!
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Been walking a little lately, but not the amount of past weeks. Been laying low trying to get healthier. Also, the A as been sick and i have wanted to be there for her.

Today's walk took me up to 14th and then over to lovejoy and accross the broadway bridge. Enroute, i did stop by Riches for a wonderful cigar- Joya De Nicaragua-Antano. WOW! It was just the right size and flavor. It was actually very large and thick. Go with it.

Well, as i approached the broadway bridge, i realized i had been wanting to check out a new development down on front ave, north of Albers Mill. I decided to venture noth to intersect with front and the swing back around to catch the bridge. There are actually two significant condos going in down there. One by the train station and the other on the water. I ended up at the bridge- and THE STAIRS. 82 steps up to the bridge from front ave. I know that isn't much, but it kicked my ass. Seriously, the stairs dislodged themselves and swung around to put a piller into my soft buttocks. I am bruised and am having trouble relaxing while watching tv.

I need to do more steps.

I need to eat more chocolate.

I need to wash my walking clothes- they got some funk...


Sent from my communicator, probably while hiding from the man...


MerchMikey said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to walking with you guys later this week. I'll pack my Keens.

MaTTy said...

ughhh I hate stairs!! Especially since my right ankle is still messed up! Love the pictures you take along the way. Who exactly is the man you keep hiding from?


MerchMikey said...

yeah, and "communicator"? Who do you think you are, Mr. Spock?

schlockstar said...

Ya inspired me to start walking again. So yesterday [no rain!] I walked to Stumptown Roasters on Division from work during lunch. About 1.2 miles. Thought I was gonna die. Baby steps, right?