Monday, January 02, 2006

Hummer H2 driver kills couple in gresham

people have asked - why do i flip off h2's? my answers revolve around them being gas guzzlers, having no purpose other than status and just plain ugly. well, they also have another horrific purpose - to kill. lelo emailed me the following story about an H2 running over a sentra out in gresham. a sentra and a hummer is like a pedestrian and a car. to add to the story, the H2 had an added front steel grill and was damaged very little.

so, tonight i'll go to bed and say a prayer for the H2 victims.


Tony said...

Your my hero! I hate the bloody things as well, would make a great earth first movement to go aroud lighting the damn things on fire! Saw you on Oregen blogs by the way

Anonymous said...

Your Pictures are WAY COOL! Keep up the good work I enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those were my in-laws who were murdered by the idiotic, selfish driver and his assault vehicle. I have always felt these were unsafe and not meant for sharing the roadways. We can thank these bastards for our rediculous gas prices, wearing of our fragile eco-system, and burying our family members. i would like to personally send the bird to Arnold Schartenegger and his perpetuating of this now common roadway problem. I would like to personally thank Harlan Wheeler for killing my son's grandparents and making him suffer and miss his 2nd mom for life. He was supposed to be in that car that morning. I would like to see him buried in that tank. hats off to your work Brett. Our family supports your efforts.