Tuesday, April 25, 2006

roadtrip - a mantra!

2200 miles later, we got home. boy were the dogs happy to see us. a. did all the driving on monday - 600 miles worth from Pacifica all the way home. i slept and kept her company by interchanging cds when needed. i also took photos of everything i could see.
the trip as a whole was amazing. i know, i know, some people lament that driving the I5 corridor to LA is horror, but for me, it's new and exciting. i loved the trucks and the sights and the curves and the truckstops and the wacky restaurants.

  • a strip club off the side of the road named Club 21 in the middle of nowhere down south of roseburg in republican country.
  • Bill and Kathy's - a place to eat. food wasn't bad, but it just had this weird vibe to it.
  • Pea Soup Anderson's - a wierd dutch restaurant place in Santa Nella and again just north of LA. something about the dutch and california
  • walking hollywood blvd and being tourists
  • CHEEBO - an amazing restaurant with wondeful food on Sunset.
  • Little Radio Warehouse and the 2 shows - wow!
  • Pacifica- what can i say - beach, sunset, friends.
  • beers @ Ollie's in downtown LA- my kind of bar.
downers (but not enought to damper the trip)
  • hotel on sunset blvd - should have known it was sketch when there were decked out hookers on the corner at 4pm on a friday.
  • driving around empty skid row downtown LA on saturday evening - yes, i was scared and had my foot on the gas ready to gun it.
  • car getting keyed at said hotel.
  • hotel shower broken.
  • anna got a speeding ticket.
  • missed the "welcome to oregon" sign.
all in all, an amazing trip and i would do it again in a heartbeat. actually, anna mentioned the BJM were playing in Chicago - hmmm. it's only 2200 miles to chicago... hmmmm.

some of my favorite photos:
BJM roadtrip - in LA 4-21-2006 (58)BJM roadtrip - in LA 4-21-2006 (10)IMG_7886IMG_7841IMG_7797LA Roadtrip 4 23 2006 (49)Tige and Dutch


LeLo in NoPo said...

Is that bouganvilla at The Getty amazing or what? The gardens there are lovely...hope you got to see Starry Starry Night, too.

Favorite photo: Anna's head in the sign at Anderson's Pea Soup. Hilarious!

Hans Hansen said...

Puzzled by your description of "Pea Soup Andersen's" in Santa Nella as being Dutch? It's pretty clear from the decor and the menu that the place is Danish, not Dutch, and yes, there is a big difference!

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