Friday, April 07, 2006

week 2

week two of operation get up @ 5am wasn't as much of a success as week one. i had a couple days where i slept in until 6 and one day where i slept in to 7. while i shouldn't beat myself up about it, it does make me want to refocus on the task at hand. i do have that feeling - even though i'm not getting 2 hrs in the morning, i am still accomplishing something. the house is clean, the dishes are done, i did some major weeding over the weekend and i've blogged almost everyday. my stats are up, i'm learning about code and such and i'm generally feeling better about a few things. woo hooooo.
weekend is here and we're having a guest, so we'll be out and about painting the town.

it's friday - eat more pie

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m said...

This weekend I was looking at some site where the writer was also demanding people eat more pie, and I was going to send the link, but now I've completely forgotten where I saw it. Perhaps you pie people all know each other anyway.