Thursday, April 20, 2006


i'm a bit wired, but also a bit tired from the day of driving. we're ahead of the game people. yay! we're somewhere outside of Crow's Landing south of Sacramento. it got dark, so i am kinda out of my element. we decided to drive as far as 9pm and then look for a hotel and lo and behold, there was an exit with a few options. i'm sitting here at the holiday inn stealing WIFI from some other hotel because the holiday inn connection sucked balls.
the drive was great. we only hit a few traffic snags - in oregon only - and california is a breeze. we have 680 miles under our belt and another 280 to go. we'll get some sleep tonight and tackle it in the morning.

stats (in addition to before):
680 miles
1 sit down meal at Bill and Kathy's
1 six pack of bud light (in hotel)
2 full mp3 cds listened through
3 liters of water
handful of baby carrots
92mph - highest speed so far
66 - number of photos we have taken and uploaded to FLICKR.


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