Monday, April 03, 2006

good sex i guess

stencil art in N.
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how was your weekend?

mine was nice. i did the getting up early as much as i could. sunday was hard as i was also dealing with grand theft hour. i just need to remind myself it only takes a little effort to get outa bed. once out, it's easy as pie.
did some gardening...well, mostly weed pulling. we have this weed that sometimes just takes over and when A and i went out on saturday, it was overwhelming to see how much of it we have. when on sunday i was pulling it, i realized that was it. underneath, there wasn't much to pull. yay! the barkdust i put down last summer has kept some of the weeds down. i have some bulbs to plant and some plants we got from the nursery on saturday, but boy is it still pretty dark now @ 6:19am.
oh and i cleaned the kitchen.

boy, i'm not boring am i?

so, yesterday, we ventured out for a walk to get some lunch. note to self - when ordering fish and chips, remember that chips are fries and don't order an appetizer of cajun fried. i was potatoed out the remainder of the day. luckily we walked, so after getting back home, i felt a little better. still, i was full 8 hrs later when i went to bed. our walk took us through our neighborhood and over to NE. along the way, we saw our favorite Euphorbia plants. i love this stuff.
Walk april 2

we also came accross a pretty significant motorcycle bash. here in NE, the Gypsy Joker's Motorcycle gang call MLK home. they have a colorful history up off NE Fremont and MLK. we were walking down a side street and came upon their anniversary party. congrats people for making it 50 years as a cohesive bunch. is gang the right word? hmm.
on the way home, we eyed the stencil art - too good to be true.

another week peoples. more photos from the walks:
Walk april 2Walk april 2


jonashpdx said...

you, sir, are a font of knowledge today. between finally giving me the name of my beloved "alien plant", which is how it's known in this household and your MB post about the sidewalk rings, you are making me S-M-R-Ter. i salute you.

LeLo in NoPo said...

We periodically get seedlings from our euphorbia if you guys want them....there are tons of different kinds, including ones with red eyes, different sizes, etc. They're great, aren't they? I call them dinosaur plants.

Anonymous said...

..Yes, I believe "gang" is the key word when referring to the motorcycle uh.. yeah. gang.

They kept riding past our scooter stuff during the weekend (as our rally was the same as theirs) -- and one of them even showed up to one of the events. We all kind of held our breath for a minute to see what could potentially go down. Fortunately, nothing. Power in numbers, I'm assuming.