Wednesday, April 05, 2006

spring lunch

steel bridge
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i was restless yesterday at work, so ventured out for tacos and then a walk. i've become a bit bored of downtown walks of late. everything keeps needing to have a purpose and mostly the purpose is to shop. got to nw to buy ... walk to pearl to buy ... you understand? so, yesterday i went where there are no stores - the waterfront. i wanted to head north of the steel bridge past the broadway. what a beautiful walk. there are condos between the two bridges on the west side of the river and they have a nice, clean, close to the water walkway that is open to the public. another great feature - deserted. once you get north of the steel bridge, there are no bikes, no joggers, no colorful characters. it was just me.
it was such a beautiful day that i found myself getting a little sweaty under the strap of my shoulder bag. i'm gonna need to figure that one out so i don't return to work after lunch everyday with giant sweat stains on my clothes.
i decided not to walk home as i wanted to get some planting done. i'm not sure if that was a good or bad decision - you help decide. while on the MAX, already almost home, i realized i had forgot my keys. i got off, headed back downtown, got the keys and got home. 1hr 20m commute that normally would take 15 minutes. if i had been walking and discovered it at that point, the trip would have been significantly longer i think. then again, walking may have made me remember to get my keys off my desk before i left.
in the end, a good day. i'm still getting up early. it's currently 5:50am, no sunlight just yet. i'm hoping to get outside this morning....hoping. i'm still trying to figure out how my body is reacting to this early morning. i feel i'm crashing a little around lunchtime and after lunch and it's not because of the giant pasta dish i had. further, when at home, around 8pm, i'm ready for bed eventhough i don't want to go to bed. last night for example, i felt like going to bed at 9pm, but didn't and was fine staying up until 11:30. we'll see how today works out.
more photos of yesterday's walk:

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LeLo in NoPo said...

It's a very interesting experiment you're doing Bretty. Getting up early. As you can see by the time of this post, I get up early too. I like the quiet time in the morning. Time to think, reflect, plan, do, get a jump on the day.....I haven't gardened in the mornings though!

I love Spring in Portland!