Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BoingBoing'd - who'd a thunk it?

yesterday, a photo of mine made it to Boingboing.net, a leading news site that reports on happenings around the world. i can't tell you how excited i have been the last 24 hrs since learning that my photo was being seen by over a million eyeballs. wow. for me, this is like standing in front of a stadium and being picked out of the crowd to win the trip to vegas.

can you say "jumping for joy" "dancing in the living room"

here's to the power of the internets!


here's the photo - i'll let you figure out its story.

Immigration protest Portland 4-10-2006 (10)


shane said...


my internet claim to fame was just getting linked on a blog that a lot of people read.. its kinda fun to see your name out there huh?

LeLo in NoPo said...

that is so cool! Congrats

mindlessgirl said...

yea, bretty!!! i missed your IM last night...or was it monday night...am always getting your IMs after you have signed off...hmmmph!

Rigo said...

Ooh how fun. Thanks for lunch on Monday.

Superinkygirl said...

You're a STAR!!

Take-Some-Advice said...