Sunday, April 02, 2006

because i love crazy dogs

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Nancy said...

I've seen this bfore it's vets think it's a seizure. I've attached some information about it. I have a foster dog right now that has a mild case of it. see this web site for more info:

During flybiting episodes,
the dog snaps at imaginary flies.
We think these spells are a type of seizure.

Fly-biting or fly-snapping are terms used to describe peculiar episodes where the dog appears to be snapping at imaginary flies. The episodes tend to occurr sporadically, but in some cases can happen frequently throughout the day. Usually the dog is sitting quietly when the spells begin. They seem to focus on the air around them and snap out several times. Usually this is done with a very "matter-of-fact" attitude, but rarely it is done with more emotion and growling. Very often, the dog will lick at the front limbs as well. The dogs appear to be normally conscious and aware during these episodes and can sometimes be distracted out of the episode by calling their name or throwing a ball for them. Some dogs become upset by the episodes and seek out their owner during them.