Wednesday, April 26, 2006

anyone out there?

so, yesterday, i had planned to go for a walk and then tell you all about it here. it was a beautiful day out and i wanted to enjoy downtown portland in the sun.

well, in the end, my walk didn't occur. i did however get a little sprint in. i took down a shoplifter/thief up by pioneer square. yes, that was me running after a young guy who had stolen the tip jar from a coffee shop on 5th. he tried to get away on MAX, but i grabbed his sweatshirt and began pulling him off the train. his resistance gave up his sweatshirt and his bag and hat into my hands. he paused and i think thought about getting it back, but then bolted from the train and headed off accross the square. luckily two others were persuing him. i hooked up with Tri-met security who contacted the police.

wow, exciting huh? as i said on another blog (which by the way no one commented, so i wonder if they care) - don't fuck with me in portland.


LeLo in NoPo said...

Blogging insecurity! Love it! ;)

Wow Brett: this is hardcore. You chased the guy! Awesome! I would hope in a time like that I would do the same, alas, often I find myself standing still observing, frozen, instead of acting or saying what I should. You go!

jonashpdx said...

did you ever know that you're my hero?

seriously, though, way to be a baass!

superinkygirl said...

My hero.
I lurve u.

MerchMikey said...

Not smart. Do that in NY and you might not be here writing this. Seriously.
Be careful and let the little stuff slide.
Go pull some weeds and for god's sake....
Eat more pie.

Anonymous said...


It's people like you who make me happy to be a Portlander.

Well done!