Friday, April 21, 2006

When in rome...

When in rome...
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Eat with the roman's right? Well, here in Santa Nella (yes, i figured out where we were), you must eat at Pea Soup Anserson's. If you are from portland, think Rheinlander, but make it dutch.

They even have a windmill out front.

anna now want's pea soup for breakfast.

eat more pie!


LeLo in NoPo said...

Acht! I've been there many times as a child. If you get the child's bowl of soup, there's a "secret bear" at the bottom to entice you to eat your soup. It never worked for me. Hate that stuff!!

Heads up: you're going to be going through where I grew up! When you're in Ventura County, make sure to do a shout out when you go through Camarillo....there are crazy premium outlet malls there now. I lived there when there was one stop light. Geez, that makes me old, doesn't it?


mindlessgirl said...

mmmmmmm...pea soup and bjm all in one weekend...anna must be in heaven!
i would be just for the pea soup!!!