Sunday, April 09, 2006

angry child graffiti - F you dad

angry child graffiti
Originally uploaded by dieselboi.
no, i didn't do this. i love my dad. but someone has someone has some serious issues to spraypaint it on this fence. i'm waiting to see one that says "I'm addicted to Heroin"

so, saturday was somewhat a strange day. i wanted to accomplish a ton of stuff, but didn't. but did. in the end, i did do some good stuff in the yard and found something i have been really worried about for awhile. it was in an obvious spot and now i know where that spot is.
in the garden, between rain showers, i pulled grass and weeds and other assorted junk. i didn't finish, but got about 80% done. today i think i'll put some bulbs in the ground i cleared.
what did you do?
oh and i may go shopping. everyone needs shopping therapy.

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