Saturday, April 22, 2006

2nd show

2nd show
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We've now been here a full 18 hrs and are at the second show. The first show was amazing, with the bjm playing a full 3 hrs. Got home and blogged for @ 3:45am. This morning, we got up, had lunch and ventured to the getty museum here in la. Wow, what an amazing space. 5 or 6 buildings with art and all surrounded by cool gardens. And all of this on a hill overlooking la and the coast. Driving hasn't been bad, la-ish. We did go through west hollywood and saw Jonathon's salon. Then through beverly hills.

Tonight we ended up in the scariest part of town trying to find a bar. I was seriously frightened for us. We got out of there fast. Downtown la is pretty sketch.

So, tomorrow we're back on the road up to sfo and Pacifica. More roadblogging to come.

eat more pie!


m said...

I read on Neko Case's website that the best chocolate cake ever is to be found at a cafe in Ashland: I know I'm stopping in when I drive from Portland to SF this fall.

Matt Royale said...

Where'd you guys end up hanging in LA? And did you stay at the Saharan!?

Love the travelblog! Looks like much, much fun and wish I could've met up...