Monday, April 24, 2006

600 miles to go....

600 miles to go....
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a little tear just ran down my face..

Spent most of sunday driving up 101 from LA to Pacifica, just south of san fran. A beautiful drive with parts right along the coastline. We were pretty tired, so didn't do too much site seeing. The show on saturday night/sunday morning was amazing. The bjm played for about 3 and 1/2 hrs and were still making noise at 4am when we checked out. Got to bed around 5:30 and up @ 10.

We visited Ali and Tige i Pacifica where they live right on the cliffs. We ventured down and walked along the beach and took in the cool ocean breeze. Most of the evening was spent catching up and making jokes about past vacations the 4 of us have had together. Also, they have a new puppy we all got to play with.

So, we're back on I5 and truckin' along at 85. We've done about 1600 miles and have another 600 to go. Should be home in time to catch 24. What will Jack do tonight?

Oh, and yes, we're already planning our next adventure. Woo hoo....

eat more pie!

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