Tuesday, April 04, 2006

it's 6:35am and there's light

with the time change, yesterday was dark until shower time, so i spent the morning hours doing dishes and surfing the web. got some blogging done too. today though, it seems there is some light appearing @ 6:35am. hmmm. do i venture outside to do some weeding and planting or wait? i only have a few minutes and i'm obviously using that time to blog and procrastinate. oh well.

did a great walk with the doggies yesterday to new seasons. while i don't enjoy walking down interstate, with the dogs in tow, it was enjoyable. also, A. was there which is always a joy. there was a funny moment when a big truck went by and created flashing shadows on the sidewalk. Phoebe freaked out at the moving light.

see, now it's 6:40. i think i'll chill and tackle the garden later tonight.

currently listening to the following bands, both here and @ work:

The Editors
Cloud Cult
Eagles of Death Metal
Belle and Sebastian (i'm surprised too)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Russian Futurists
Silver Jews
and a few more i can't think of.

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