Wednesday, July 12, 2006

house of sound

house of sound
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i think i remember when this was open, back in the day like 6 years ago. there's a small mini mart in the same building. now, when i lived over by jefferson, i never ventured to any of the stores in the hood. they were sketch in my opinion and i just didn't have the balls. now, i have no problem going where i would normally feel uncomfortable. this building, an older 2 story business/residential from back in the day seems abandoned now on n. williams (or is it vancouver, i can't get them straight.) soon it will be something, a boutique, a restaurant, something. i wish someone would have the forsight to keep the sign and name whatever they are putting in after the sign or some derevation of that. up on killingsworth, there's a place named love lee ladee. i could see that as a new style salon or something with a cool retro sign.
has anyone seen the new Floriday Room up on kilingsworth? i want to check it out.
it rained last night. yay rain. especially yay night rain. and to think - i watered yesterday too. whatever.
did you hear i'm gonna be famous? i got contacted by a newpaper reporter in DC. they are doing a story about Lollapalooza then and now. it's been 15 years since i went to the first one and she wanted my story and memories. hopefully it will be a syndicated story and the O will pick it up. YAY.
we're doing another road trip soon - in september. pdx-sfo-pdx-sea-van-pdx. approx. 2000 miles.
how does bjmroadtrip2006 sound? wait, we've done that already. hmmm. help me out with a name so I can register it and setup a blog specific to the roadtrip.
head but!

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jonashpdx said...

dude, DC lady got me too!