Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lost sandals

Lost sandals
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Phoebe almost died last night. She decided last night was the perfect night to bark every 3 minutes. I think she was reading our REM patterns and barking just as we fell back asleep. The cats were out and running around and making just enough noise to bother the dog. So, now, with probably 4 hrs of sleep under my belt, I'm off to work.

Last week was a banner week for walking. The goal is 10,000 steps a day, which is about 4 miles. By friday, I was averaging 18,000 steps each day and then did a 4 mile brewery walk in the pearl. Yep, blew the week's average away!

Brewery crawl you ask? Yup! A group of work friends did the following: 6 people, 6 breweries, 6 hours. It wasn't meant to be a drinkfest or drunkfest, more of an exploration of what portland brew has to offer. We went to Tugboat, Rogue, Bridgeport, Lucky Lab, New Old Lompoc and Laurelwood. Some memories: Tugboat's IPA is hoppy goodness. Rogue is the bomb with the best selection and service, along with an onsight Rum distillery. Bridgeport, while the beee is still great, the locale is not- too polished and uppity. Even the famous pizza has gone upscale. Lucky Lab- warehouse with no charactee. New Old Lompoc- great beer and atmosphere in a reclaimed old bar...with a deer head on the wall. Laurelwood? Well, I didn't stay long enough to make an opinion, but first impressions were that it was cool, but the staff was not so cool.

In the end, a great time had by all. Only 1 beer spilled the entire night.

ok, I'm off to get some sleep...I mean go to work.

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Ghost Dog said...

That's another good review I've seen of New Old Lompoc. I've had some of their stuff at various festivals, guess it's time to drop by in person.