Monday, June 19, 2006

today's schedule - UPDATED throughout the day

8:12am - coffee and surfing
9:02am - write this blog entry
9:10am - go mow the lawn - done
9:20-10:07 - weeding the mound and pruning back the potato vine
9:30am - drink more coffee, maybe watch tv
10am - think about lunch -
10:10 - lunch has been thought of - going back outside to weed.
10:43am - stop thinking about lunch - go weed the garden some
10:45am - clean kitchen do dishes
11:30 - lunch - bar-b-que a brat -
11:34 - did some serious weeding and am now hungry. Franka was out with me running around being a dog. I have the computer doing a massive playlist, although I keep hearing bob mould and blink 182. bad shuffle algorithms. ok, now a brat! -

12:30 - think about going back outside to weed
1:45 - stop surfing and watching tv and go outside
1:50 - never get outside because it's nap time
1:57pm - spent last 90min cleaning and pressure washing the back part of the driveway in order to setup a bar-b-que/eating area with the umbrella. someone will like that. i'm in cause i think i'm getting sunburned and need to get some wa wa. i think i'll wash the chairs next. oh, and i got the old keg fridge out of the mudroom and into the truck. i think i'll be doing a dump trip this week. currently listening to bob mould again. hmmmmmm shuffle algorythms.
3pm - wake up - realize i have 1 dog betwen my legs, one dog snorgled into my belly and another dog by my head. think about doing housework
3:55pm - just got back from store to get concert tickets for tomorrow night. Black Angels baby! also got red bull and miller high life - gonna make said cocktail @ 4pm..... or not.
4pm - start working on cleaning the kitchen so it looks like i was somewhat productive today.
4:10pm - make a cocktail
4:20pm - make second cocktail
4:30pm - head outside to water plants and pick some raspberries
5:09pm - opened the miller highlife - it's all downhill from here. continued work on the driveway - did some pressure washing and moved chairs around. i'll wait till my love gets home to finalize anything. the birds are going crazy outside. i think we have a nest of bluebirds and thier kids don't like us.

yes, i'm not at work today nor for the next couple days. yay me! i'll keep you posted as to if i stick to said schedule

oh and say hi to phoebe!


jonashpdx said...

if you've got any extra room in the truck when you decide to go and feel like picking up some extra crap, i'll go to the dump with you and help you unload it all...

Bridge City Comics said...

Awesome post! So that's what a day in Bretty's life is like... :)