Thursday, June 08, 2006

Georges corner tavern

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i'm back from my 2 weeks of travel. I've been kinda a mess too. The first week, I ended up working almost 70hrs in the course of 4 days, so my body took a beating. I ended up getty a chest cold that ruined my 3 day weekend home. I shouldn't say ruined, it just kept me from doing much other than watch tv and rest. Then it was off to Seatte for a week of training. Seattle traffic is crazy. Granted, they are a much larger city and the sprawl is crazy, so I just dealt with it. I'm funny...I don't drive or commute by car, so being in 30 minutes of traffic wasn't a big deal until the 4th day. Also, it was clear enough that I was able to check out all the mountains surrounding Seattle and catch up on email.
i was worried that during my travels, i wouldn't get my walking in. In Denver, I ended up only having 1 day when i didn't get my goal. The facility we were at was spread out, so it was about 1/4 mile between me and my servers and on the first day, I went down there probably 20 times. It was great to get up and walk and get some fresh air when it's 3 in the morning and you've just eaten a whole bag of m&ms.
When i returned, i vowed to clean myself up after 2 weeks of travel food. Week 1 was all about chain restaurants and delivered food. It took my body 3 days to feel whole again. Seattle was better as I made the choices about my food, but even then, it was all restaurant food and by its very nature - fatty! This week, i've eaten salad and light sandwiches and feel like my body is getting back to normal.
A. and I have been walking in the evenings a ton this week. It began with a great Sunday morning walk down on the waterfront. Earlier this week, we ventured up to New Seasons for groceries and then stopped by Interstate Bowl for a beer. Wow, that was an interesting scene. It looked like a good bowling ally and was packed, but we were interested in the bar. The bar had people in it, but absolutely no character. The dropped corporate cieling and bank flouescent lights made it more trashy than divey. 2 beers down and we were gone.
The next day, we wandered up to Georges on N. Killingsworth and Interstate. I had been there before for football, but A hadn't. It's a nice neighborhood bar, plain and simple. They had sports on the tv, the cool trivia game everyone loves. There were young people, old people and us. The prototypical neighborhood tavern. I think we'll be going back since it's a nice walk and they have good cold cheap beer.


Matt Royale said...

Hey, don't peddle your hatespeech on garbage, Hitler! :-)

I had to laugh at the hate your simple question brought out of the "hippies" who responded so negatively. Um, wow.

You are my hero...

LeLo in NoPo said...

Gawd, I'm with you about traveling and eating crap. Actually, I don't eat crap when I travel, but way too much and too rich, for sure. I'm with you about being home: Salads!!!!!!!

Is this **perfect*** walking weather or what?!? Love being back in Portland! Woot! Woot!