Friday, June 02, 2006

this past two weeks has allowed me to meet some bartenders..some good and some not so good. none of them were bad, some were just better than others. my favorite was a bar in seattle off 3rd - I asked the bartender if they had food and his response was- naw, all we have is crap! you don't want to eat here. it was precious. I had a beer just so I could tip the guy.
at another bar in seattle (unnamed) I had a great time with the bartenders. the crazy thing was that they were drinking along with the customers. it was like a "1 for you.....1 for me..." and they weren't attempting to hide it either. when I got my side of mezcal, they both got one too. I was loving it, but a part of me was concerned that they were a little loose with the drinks and that would harm a wonderful locale if caught. oh well...
bartenders end up being fastfriends. we usually exchange names and wish each other well. for me, that is why I may return to a place even if it has subpar food and drink.

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