Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Florida Cowboy

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yep, in a boot to boot!

in colorado, i ended up getting two boots, one for me and one for my lover! the texas roadhouse loved when i asked for said drinky and made it with aplomb.

so, i'm glad to hear Rigo is getting the south to embrace the cowboy. thanks bud.

colorado was good. put in some serious hours, but loved every minute of it. seriously, I was on a high the entire week. not because i was travelling and eating junk food, but because i was part of something and there was a defined goal and we were hitting it. i am going to pursue this further if possible.

some photos from the trip:
Sunset in the Rockies 2downtown boulderDSCN0406DSCN0408


Tamara said...

Hi, stumbled upon your site. curious if you went to Centennial HS? You look familiar.

brett said...

yes, i did go to centennial. graduated in 88.