Friday, May 12, 2006

wine, tequila, vodka, cream, gin...

kids @atlantis
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i lost count. had a fun night tuesday with our neighborhood buddies. you may recognize them. thanks for coming to town Matt.
i have to say Acupulco Golds has some strong margaritas, but great food. my fish tacos were excellent.
i'm in a haze this morning, not having had my coffee just yet. don't you hate when people blog without coffee?
thank you for the advice on the the lists. i do still have the stress feeling because i'm gonna be away for 2 weeks, yet i did have another thought - i'm gonna be away FROM WORK for two weeks. eventhough i will be working, it won't be @ work, so it will be different and maybe exciting.
so, the garden is going crazy. i really need to mow. i can't distinguish the lettuce from the weeds, so will need A's assistance. some critter ate one of my flower starts, but oh well, it will survive. the eucalyptis (sp) is growing an inch a day i think. yay nature!
gonna go fishing tomorrow. i'll take some photos for all a ya. maybe even get a fishy.
rambling over.....

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