Monday, May 08, 2006


i have been away....and i have no excuses. then again, you could have called....

so, what's up? well, spring is here and i have been out and about working on the garden, the yard, the house. i love dry weather because i can get the little stuff done. like painting the railings on the porch. these railings went in the summer before last and are not just getting paint. that's my MO. i start stuff, but don't finish. i don't know what it is, but it isn't good. so hopefully, the rain will go away and i'll be able to get back to what i was doing.
last week was stressful. i had the realization that i was going out of town for work for a week at the end of the month. normally, this is a good thing. i love traveling and having someone else pay for it. further, i feel the project i am going to work on will be positive and uplifting. yet, i realize i will be away from home and my projects and my dogs and A. and then i have the thought of all the stuff i need to get done before that and the other activities we have planned and and and... i spin out of control.....
when in reality, there's plenty of time and i don't have stuff planned every night of the week and weekend. oh, there is still stuff to do, just not as much as i think there is.
our garden is going crazy. i gotta get out and do some weeding again. oh well, the life of a gardner. the early morning 5am thing hasn't been working, but i won't beat my self up just yet. i am getting up earlier than i use to and am using that time to do productive stuff. even last week i went to work earlier. go figure.
haven't been walking too much, but vow to walk a ton this week. we got a new camera and i want to test it out. last weekend, we did some canvassing for Cheryl for Judge. at first i was all stressed out that people would ask me questions and confront me and shit, but it worked out very well and people were generally welcoming. we did 10,000 steps in under 2 hrs and that was before lunch. that's the type of walking i love to do in the summer. woohoooo summers coming.
ok, enough rambling. have a good week all.


LeLo in NoPo said...

Ah, the conundrum of travel for work. Yes, it really does take you away from your life. It's all about the lists for me, in not feeling overwhelmed. I use them for everything in my life: work, play, home, you name it. Check out

MerchMikey said...

i DID call but kept getting a busy signal. hmph

m said...

I feel your anxiety about getting things done, it's one of the worst things I do to myself. And I hear LeLo about to-do lists. Sometimes I worry about remembering things that come into my head, but am better if it's in a list. A blog of other people's to-do lists:

I saw this book on Powell's and thought it was written for someone like you: