Thursday, May 18, 2006

Florida Cowboy - the trend has began

Fl cowboy
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this wasn't my bill, but the bill for me, myself and I.....

seriously, we went out with some old/new friends to the 5th Quadrant Lompoc and had some fun. when we arrived, i wanted my new fave drinky and asked for it by name:


the waiter looked quizically at me and honestly stated he didn't know the drink. before i could tell him, A. made fun of me stating i was "making up the drink..." i informed him that the drink was Orange Juice and Jim Beam - Florida Cowboy...

and look, he put it on the bill.



Nancy said...

Good name.... I like it! I'm going to order one the next time I go there.

Rigo said...

I have continued the Florida Cowboy movement down here.