Tuesday, June 20, 2006

tuesday - need lunch ideas - updated

second day of operation relax and get shit done.

i have been surfing and blogging now for 90 min. a little excessive i think, but fuck it, its my day off. i should be doing something productive, but i can't get my ass out of this chair. maybe i'll get on my bike and head up to freddy's for some weed killer. yes, gotta kill some weeds.

or maybe not. maybe i should go weed the front hard.

what should i have for lunch today?

10:48am - just finished watering, doing some more weeding and mowing the back lawn (again.) now heading to the front to take care of that mess.
12:31pm - i'm in from working the front yard. did some weeding, but it mostly needed a mow. it looks good. i'm loving that everything is filling in and it creates shade. see, our house has no natural shade, so for the last 6 years, we've been fostering shade plants. i came in 30 minutes ago to get lunch and now i'm stuck back on this computer responding to blog comments, IMing and just plain surfing. this darn thing. ok, off to roast a brat.


Sassy Gardener aka LeLo said...

You just let me know when you want to move on to advanced weeding 101 and come on over here. Oy! We've got weeds! They're blooming!

Boiling water can kill weeds too, just fyi. But it will also kill plants.

Love your daily schedule posts: aaah, now that's summer!

brautluver said...

As much fun as I think it is roasting brats, I suspect brauts probably taste better.