Monday, June 12, 2006

weekend stuff

so, last week, i did what i set out to do and walked home every day. i was able to get in upwards of 18,000 steps each day and that my friend makes me feel good. i'm still sick, but mentally, i felt recharged. i'm gonna try again this week, but my main goal this week is to get rid of this sore throat.
the weekend was good. not much to report other than we busted out the bar-b-que and did some sausages. yum. we also harvested about a quart of raspberries. oh and did a family event with relatives we haven't seen in about 6 years.
some photos:

Eagles of Death Metal @ Crystal:

brett and bar b quedon't step on grass behind barbed wiredbomb squad has a segweytransformers


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LeLo in NoPo said...

I get the feeling Phoebe and Frodo could chase each other and play like that for 6.25 hrs straight and not tire of it. They are so cute together I can barely stand it!!!!!!!

mmmmmmmm, BBQ season!