Monday, August 07, 2006

Franka wants some

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this is why Franka chills out in the kennel. i swear she jumped up there and had a few chips. I want to thank everyone who came to my birthday party. i have had this thing with my birthday since I was a little kid. see, when I was 4, i asked for Santa Claus to come to my 5th birthday - yes, August 3. well, he did and there is Super 8 film to prove it. since then, i have had certain expectations for each of the last 31 birthday parties. and you know what?

my friends don't disappoint!!!!!!

thankyou. thankyou thank you!

and it was good to see some friends who I haven't seen in awhile.

btw, Miami Vice RAWKED
Snakes on a Plane looks good
Jonas won the Ms. Pacman tourney
I'm still eating the birthday food
anyone up for a brat?

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Rigo said...

I had a good time. I had every intention of getting shitfaced and passing out in your bathroom, I don't know what happened.