Monday, February 25, 2008

I bottled some beer last week

02 19 2008
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Along with the occasional drinking of the beer, I like to take fresh beer and spray it all over the kitchen and my body. It is a cleansing ritual of sorts. No seriously, last week, I bottled our beer and make a humongous mess. After like the 10th spill, I just laughed and grabbed yet another beach towel to sop up the mess. All in all, I would say we lost maybe 1/2 gallon of brew. Not bad. In some ways, I'm glad it happened that way. Now I know to head back to the brew supply and find the proper tools for bottling.

We ended up with about 10 22oz bottles, 1 1 liter, 1 50oz bottle, and about 1 case of 12oz bottles. They are in the basement bottle fermenting. We'll have a little get together the first weekend of March to check out the end result.

Now to decide on a new brew for March/April.


Superinkygirl said...

that's some yummy brew.


Zak said...

nice. hope the brew comes out well.