Thursday, October 20, 2005

recovery walk

went for a walk once the wife got home. i'm feeling good, just shouldn't talk. it's wierd because i'm such a talker. we walked up to new seasons to pick up some goodies - chili, soup, eggs, wine, bread. just enough to put in my medium size messenger bag. it's 1 mile to the store. it takes about 20 minutes and is flat and a well lighted walk. 1 year ago, i would have driven to the store because walking would have been such a daunting task. now, it's like walking to the backyard. this is how i am staying healthy lately. the simple things kept simple. in the matter of 1 hr's time, we walked up to the store, did shopping and walked back. we got 5400 aerobic steps in 45 minutes and burned 317 calories.

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