Saturday, October 08, 2005

Welcome to NoPo PIX

Welcome to NoPo PIX
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We walked over to the new PIX Patisserie this morning for their grand opening celebration. I am so excited to have another locale to get coffee, drinks, sweets and fooders. They hd free stumptown coffee and we got a croissant and a brioche to munch on. The space is great and they did the cool garage door thing for one of the entrances. The kitchen is exposed to the outside world for all to watch the goodies being made. They are famous for their chocolates friends. And those are amazing goodies i tell you.

PIX is on N Williams and Failing. They are open daily (i assume early, but don't know the time). During the week, they will be open until midnight and till 2am on the weekend. Head on over for a cocktail, a belgian beer, some amazing chocolate sweets, or a nice glass of wine.

Welcome PIX.

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