Saturday, June 23, 2007

Me happy

Me happy
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Got me a real man's bbq the other day. Someone else got shoes, but me, I get grill. We built it yesterday and grilled up some veggies and fish. And today, I got some cool grill toys. Send the marinade recipes now!

Oh and mark the calendars for Brettenium VIII. Those of you in the know know when it shall be.


Betsy said...

Oooohh - marinades.

They're easy if you follow a basic ratio:
3 parts flavorful liquid, 2 parts sweetener, 2 parts acid, 1 part oil (if needed for veggies; can go less here) Then add in seasonings, mustards, or other pastes.

Like this:

Soy sauce+honey+lemon juice+toasted sesame oil - great on grilled veggies or fish

Leftover wine+maple syrup+balsamic vinegar+olive oil (plus rosemary, sage, thyme and a shot of honey mustard) for chicken or pork. (If I don't have wine I'll just up the balsamic, which I really like on grilled veggies as well.)

I also do pastes for marinading - blend your fresh herbs together in a green paste, mix with some acid & a little oil, rub it all over your meat/fish, and let sit.

Finally - I'm a huge fan of two spice mixes from Trader Joe's: 21 seasoning salute and their steak/chop spice mix.

jonashpdx said...

welcome to the world of propane!

Gaile said...

my default marinade is great on salmon: tamari, rice wine vinegar, garlic and ginger, and a little honey. if you have ginger garlic paste, even better.

Anonymous said...

I vicariously live in Portland through you. Is that creepy? What's going on these days?
Throw me a bone! : )

Girl who hates the south