Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog sniff

Dog sniff
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So, on Flickr, I got invited to a group who liked photos of two or more chihuahuas. When we were at the Mississippi st. fair, the photo opportunity occurred. I have a camera that I sometimes don't know how to use. I was just trying to get a good photo and got a great one. So far on Flickr, this photo has 115 views or so. I'm lovin' it.
Anonymous reminded me that I haven't posted in awhile, so here we go:
Spent some time in the Chicago area a couple weeks back. Wow! What an amazingly huge city. Remember, this is a POV from a Portlander of 37 years. Walking across Michigan ave and looking down not seeing where the tall buildings end is amazing to me. I get a hard on for big cities and tall buildings. It makes me wonder even more - what do all those people do? It was pretty cool to wander around a bit, but I think we were mostly in the business area by Millenium Park and so there wasn't a lot of people watching. Also, the heat and humidity was killing us a little. After seeing at least some of downtown, we ventured to a neighborhood NW of the city to get lunch and shop. It was out kind of hood and we eventually met up with some other friends and proceeded to eat and drink ourselves to the giggles.
The reason for the trip was our friend's wedding and that was awesome. They are wonderful people and it was cool to see all of their friends come from every part of the nation to help celebrate. It makes me envious of such strong ties. Note to self - re-kindle some long lost friendships.
Some photos from Chicago:
Picture 121
The Bean in Chicago

Picture 102

Picture 172
The Bed Jump

Picture 176
The girls

Picture 587
Nor sure of a title.

Picture 173
More Bed Jump. We actually broke a bed.

Picture 197
Me and my beautiful girl.

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